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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Blooming Pillow Progress & Tea Shawl & More

 Here is my shawl that I made awhile ago. It was suppose to be a pocket shawl, but I decided to add these cool "tea" buttons and make it my tea shawl.. :)

I found this cute little Lady Bug planter at WalMart the other day...

The beginning of my Blooming Flower Pillow

 A time ago I made this book cover in crochet thread. I added my initials and then a little book mark. But it was too big for paperbacks and not big enough for other books, so I added an elastic to the inside flap and Voila now it works on my paperbacks. :)

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                                                   Here is day 3 on Attic24 pattern I just added the blue.. :)
Blooming Pillow day 3
Last night I loved onto purple and red again!! It's coming out so pretty....

I have it laying next to my "Scrap-ghan" that I am also working on. I like working on more than one project at a time...lol

Thursday, February 23, 2012

The "Love" Program and More Crochet Projects

Blogger Love

JJCrochet Blogger Love Program

JJCrochet's Blog is a wonderful blog that started a "love" program to give a little "thank you love" to all of us yarn addicts! :)
She is dedicating it to us bloggers that love to post about our projects and share photos and crochet fun! 
Go on over there and check her out. It is simple and you can earn a free crochet pattern that she sells just for making the pattern and then posting a photo of it!
Here’s how to participate.  It’s pretty simple, but essentially – if you have a crochet website or blog and talk about JJCrochet, you get a free pattern.  So hop on over there and give it a try...I did ....and I can't wait to start on my new crochet project!!!! Go HERE....

I decided to make the tote bag that is on the cover of Crochet Today Nov-Dec issue. I started it for my g-daughter but the holidays were too busy for me so I didn't finish. Then I decided to make it for me and change it to my own design, no surprise huh? I always change patterns to my own. LOL....so I made the granny squares and used a fluffy white and then added faux leather sides and bottom, and made the back solid with a stripe and now I am double stranding a strap and going to line it....So how do you like it so far??? I like the added trim around the front and it stand up by itself with the leather. :) 

The front view

Thid is the back of the tote

the fancy "button" pin I added to the back

The side view I made it faux leather in blue

I have to add feet and then line it,
 I am going to use it for a yarn tote

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Crochet Madness & Fun Projects

Crochet Leg Warmers with a fan edge how cool are these and here is the FREE pattern

Crochet Leg Warmer with Flare

technicolor dream tent
Wow consider this when camping what a great idea
this scarf is really unique over at Ruby Submarines you can get the pattern

How about this cute crochet and plastic bike basket?
see My Crocheted & Knitted Items 
Some fun projects and Crochet Madness......

I have sen a lot fo bike seat covers but this one by Laila's Corner is the prettiest
I finished my Ruffled neck Scarf, it is fun and I will be posting
the pattern this weekend on My Patterns

Crochet madness...by artist Agata Olete

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Next Project Blooming Flower Pillow

Good Morning bloggers....

I have a favor could you please comment here and tell me what you see with my blog "widths?" After I got my new screen this blog appears really cut up and the main posts seem off center??? Although when I check my layout screen it looks normal??? I am wondering if it is my new screen or if something changed???

Thanks for this.. :)

Ok this is too cute, not crochet but just think with my little "thinking cap" on I am sure I can make this in crochet????

Bags foami
and I love PINK

This is a really pretty PINK of course, afghan made with crochet and fabric....I like this idea
Crochet Heart Hair Tie Free Pattern

These are so simple, Green Dragon Fly shows us,  just go to the $1 store and get some pony tail bands and crochet a little heart on them. See the how to HERE

And she makes this cute dress for a little girl. :) Her tutorials are really easy to follow..see how to HERE
Crochet yoke top free pattern


Oh yes I am going to make the Blooming Flower Pillow that Attic24 made I just love it....

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Blogger Gripes and Pretty Crocheting

GRRRRR someting happened to my blog??? The middle just shrank and now there is a big area not used???? What is this??? I must apologize everyone till I can figure out how to fix it...

On to other goodies...

Lady Willow Penholder Hooks

grab your pen and crochet away... :)

This is a cute pattern for a pen         Free Crochet Flower Patterns - Spring Flower Pen

Isn't this lovely?

Irish lace earrings


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