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Saturday, April 06, 2013

Happy Birthday to Me.....

Wow ...It's my Birthday!!!! Well actually it was Thursday....I had a wonderful day and week....my family celebrated with me and friends on Sunday along with Easter...then on Wednesday my hubby took me out to my favorite restaurant, Walt's Wharf....for some scrumptious Coconut Shrimp. And then on Thursday my stitching friends gave me a little celebration WOW.....I am so blessed to have such a wonderful family and friends to celebrate my special day!!!

g-daughter playing around

my flowers from family

son, daughter and daddy

this chicken was a riot my good friend gave it to me and it dances and lays eggs LOL

my beautiful daughter

my BFF

I got yarn

and butterfly glasses

queen's change purse

youngest g-daughter 

yarn gifts

to buy my IPhone

my friend gave me this lovely bag and all

yeah I got a gift cert to my favorite store!!!

my chicken

some cards

isn't this gift box too cute

I even got "Maxine" slippers LOL

this blinks and changes colors its a butterfly

yummy this was given to me because our group's name is "Stitch n' Chicks"

gift cert to HOBBY LOBBY Whoo hoo

my sister sent me this cute dacing dog...lol

and a book by one of my favorite authors Maggie Sefton

funny card

hubby did the bar b que for us all on Easter...

What a wonderful time I have had....thank you all.. :)


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