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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Hello I'm Back

Hello All.............I am back from our vacation to Bass Lake. We stayed at Bass Lake Resorts, which is a membership campground. We love it there and of course Bob loves the advantage to watch TV. :)  They have a swimming pool and store, community center and courtyard area. Its quite and lots of time to R&R.. :)

One of my most favorite places to go is the Forks Resort Restaurant...it is filled with laughing people and lots of great burgers...they also have a gift shop that can't be missed... :)

I got htis cute bag in Bass Lake perfect to carry it all

We decided to head over the ocean for a few days and ended at Morro Bay....this fishing town is so invigorating and lovely to look at. The beauty in watching the birds and fishermen was refreshing [no pun intended] but it sure is a lot cooler than home. The mornings are socked in with lots of marine layers and then the sun peeks through for a short 60s to 70s day till around 3 pm and then the winds kick up and the evening larine layers come in and cools the day right off. But I liked the slow pace of the population and the ocean "fishy" smells. One day we alked down around the harbor watching a commercial fishing boat that had just come in fileting their catch and captured a ton of Pelican's enjoying the "fish" scraps for their noon meal. :) There were so many of them....

Then we drove onto the island of the "rock" and enjoyed watching a man with his son sitting in his little toyota truck feeding the gulls allowing them to roost all over it...quite a site.

I did of course bring my yarn and hooks, but diodn't spend as much time as I originally thought I would but I almost finished my pot holder for my swap and I made a cute rooster ornament, still need his feet and eyes, then  I finished a vintage potholder but I thought I would change it and finish it in Sugar n' cream cotton yarn. It was fun to change the texture but use the vintage pattern. I had to change a few of the stitches, because of course the cotton is much thicker and lessen the amount of stitches, but all and all it came out pretty good. :) When I take more photos I will post them...meanwhile here are some of the goodies I found blog hopping... :)

This yarn "Rosettes" necklace is really easy to make and looks so cute...see the tutorial here....and you can make anything once you learn how to make the "Rosettes" here

Since the kids are heading back to school I thought this "beaded crochet apple moffit" I found was a perfect choice to crochet. Its easy, quick, and a fun "bling" to add to a T-shirt for any girl or mom... :) There is a FREE step-by-step Tutorial for stringing the beads and making this cute Apple Moffit...

Beaded Crochet Apple Motif

This little Pencil case is perfect for the kiddies...I loved the eyes.. :) Make it quick with any worsted weight yarn. A FREE pattern is over at "KandJDolls" Blog.

Monday, August 01, 2011

Vacation Time Here I come....Yarn in one hand....Hook in the Other

Off on VACATION I go....off to Bass Lake with the family....and of course I am bringing my crochet...to finish a few projects, start some new ones and just have fun with yarn and visit the local yarn shop... :)

I will be checking my email but will not be posting or commenting till I return...see ya all around the 15th with my trip log....


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