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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Some Fun Things

This is what I sent a swap friend, the little scrubbies are so much fun to make. They are the Japanese twist patterns, and then I made some napkin rings to match.... :)

The before and after of felting my little bag...I loved this yarn but was disap

pointed when it came from my hooks and yarn monthly kits from Annie's and there was no label or identification as to the name or brand it was...

I made these little flag pins with pins.. :) I love this as a cute small little gift to give a friend or g-daughter... :)

Monday, June 22, 2009

Summer Exchange Party and Games

It's summer and we had our summer exchange party with a "Beach" theme this year for my stitching club....8 gals showed up and we had a complete blast....played some fun crochet and knit games, and contests, along with our "kit" exchange,[each person brought the yarn, pattern, and materials to complete a project] that was fun. I made up a story with left, right, and across in it and every time I said those words you had to pass your package in that direction. Then when the story ended whatever package was in front of you was yours. All packages were in "grab" bag style so you didn't know what you got till you opened it.... I got a wonderful pink floral bag filled with older Crochet magazines, yarn, and a pattern for a pretty shawl....yippeee....I also win the game and ended up with 21 skeins of yarn!!! We played a simular game with dice of Left, Center, Right.....that is a blast. Everyone starts with 3 skeins of yarn or $3 or 3 quarters, and then you throw the die until one person is left with a skein and the rest are in the middle...and that person left was ME!!!!!!


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