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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Some New Swap Projects I Made

I am in crochetswapbuddies and was in a "small Ami" swap so I decided to make my partner a little mouse in pink. She came out so cute... And she sent me the cutest frog!!

I am also in a Yummy Recipe Swap and we had to make something to do with this month's theme of "Cooking Tips" I had fun and made 2 crockpot recipes for breakfast and then made a whole sheet of cooking tips. So I decided to crochet and stuff a little tea bag. I also beaded the words tea on the
smaller tea square. I stuck a flower on it and finished it off with a netted bag to hold it.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

I Finished my Chelshire Cat!!!

I finally finished my Chelshire Cat I designed for my swap pal Craftsty....I sure hope she likes it. It was a bit difficult to get it to look like the photo and I had to do some "frogging" but alas he is completed and mailed!
I think he turned out pretty cute and I even wrote down the pattern this time. Once I get it formalized it will be available... This swap was from the April "Alice in Wonderland" ....


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