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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Bag Ladie's Swap March

Hello Again. I have had a cold all last week so I have not posted. I am feeling better this week but still a little on the tired side. I have been working on my Pen Pal letters and also finished my Spring Fling Purse for my Bag-O-holic Swap. And I am finished with my Spring Bag I made for my Bag Swap on Flickr. So i thought I would post a picture of it. It is made with felt material and a few embellishments. I lined it with Spring flower cotten material. Not bad for my own design? Now I have to get my packages out for my swaps on my blogs...the Book and Bookmark Swap and my Yarn Swap...Boy I am swapped out!!! LOL....nah...I love to swap...since I also love to shop and give presents it takes care of both passions. So any other swappers out there? Check out my swaps...the next one in April is the "Magic Easter Yarn Ball" swap...what a riot!!! And the Book swap is ongoing so you can always join the one. Look to your right and there should be a link for you to get there. Oh yeah and if ya like to crochet and want to meet new friends then go to my Crochet Friends and More [link to the right] its a new group with lots of fun ladies and activites.
I thought I'd post this fun "Honesty" test for you to try. So what was your results? Let me know....Stitch on gals....

Are you a honest person? Quiz

Free Fun Quizzes at FunQuizCards.com

My Result Was:
You are a honest person. And that is very appreciable. You set an example for your family and friends. You are on the right way. Keep going.

Saturday, March 03, 2007

My Crochet Socks and March Check in

Hello All....Here it is March already! Wow...this year is zooming by. I have started a new project...well several ones...but this one is fun. They are crocheted...yes crocheted....not knitted...socks. I got the pattern out of the 2007 Crochet Pattern a Day calender. I am using Caron Simple Soft Shadows yarn. Ohhh this yarn is so soft and wonderful to work with. It doe greate soft stripes and I used the "Mardi Grey" color. I love it.! The loops at the top were a little wacky to make and the heel looks more pointed, I sure hope it comes to look more like a sock rather than a hand puppet??? Oh well...I am trying here...Has anyone else made these socks? I would love to hear from you...
Ok now on to my 2nd project...I love this yarn. It is called Patons Cha Cha and is a little hard to see the stitches, but not too hard. this is a knitted scarf and cap combo. I finished the ear flaps and I am working on the hat part. The color is called Vegas. It is from a book called Leisure Arts, Favorite Knits. And I want to do the sassy socks on the cover next!
Ok I am off to buy.... what????
of...course...MORE YARN!!!! What else???

I had to share with you what my wonderful friends at Tinker Dam made me....
How do you like?


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