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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

What I Did Over The Summer???? What Did You Do???

Hello my blogging friends,,,did you miss me? I took a summer, much needed, break from blogging land....

So what have I been doing...wellll

I had an anniversary

I found a Cockatiel  

I watched my pets...Chloee is not sure what to make of the little guy

I crocheted...I made a flower pot cover with white and varigated green yarn

I fed the animalsmy regular visitor munches on a peanut I just fed him

I won a ribbon at the LA Fair

I won another ribbon

I won a ribbon for my blooming flower pillow

I won a ribbon for my Watermellon Bag

I went to the LA Fair with my friend

I went to ben & Jerry's to try and cool off

I had new hats made for my Red Hat group

I made this one for me

I got a gift from a friend

I finished my mug hugger

I finished trimming my blouse

I lined my bag

I won movie tickets and Starbuck's 

I designed this basket 

I keep it with my plants

I also designed this one

I made earrings

I made more earrings

I finished my bracelet

I finished the backing

I made a star fish necklace

I crocheted some earrings

I crocheted these too

I finished my coasters

I finished my Tea bag holder

I added a teapot

I almost finished my hobo bag

I added the tie

I added the shoulder strap

I decorated the visor

I finished my beret

I added a button

I got a new watch

I made my daughter an anklet

I added her fav dolphins

I made some more dishclothes

I made more bracelets

I finished my white snood

I made it with cottom

I made more bracelets

I started to make Christmas gifts

I made more Christmas gifts

I crocheted at the picnic

I played a game at the picnic with friends

I started my Christmas tree 

I went to SnC meetings

I made these silly ornaments for SnC

I wore PJs to a breakfast outing and won gifts

I had a Hot Fudge Sundae

I ate at KFC with my Red Hat friends


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