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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Some More Projects for my Shop

For one of the prizes at our "Ugly Sweater" party I made this row counter necklace..I really think it turned out wonderfully and it works just like the bracelets do..I crocheted the necklace with embroidery floss and used some beads I had around, if you look closely you can see I used alphabet beads inbetween which spelled out out group's name, Stitch n' Chicks... :) And the polka dot bead tells you which is the beginning end...

I also made a litttle booklet of sweater patterns for the gals....and decorated the cover with sweater photos ....

These are 3 row counter bracelets I made for my Etsy shop... :)

Friday, March 19, 2010

Spring Fling "Ugly Sweater" Party

We had our annual Spring Fling Party, and this year we added a theme, "The Ugly Sweater" it was so much fun!!! The gals were great and all put their thinking caps on and wore some type of gaudy sweater, half made sweater, and even one that was to be in the future.. LOL....  I hung up photos from last years party from the fan with yarn, we played games and Pat won the door prize of an "Ott" lamp, Donna won the "Guess how much Yarn is in the Pail" yummy....I won the yarn in the left, center, right game...wow...and Priscilla and Shanda were kind enough to bring a basket full of yarn and donated it to the winner of the yarn and I got it all!!!! I'm a happy camper...now to start making projects...I have been online looking for more patterns all day.. :)   Pat won the "Ugliest Sweater" and Donna won "The sweater to mever see the light of Day again" and Patricia won the "weirdest,or funniest" sweater having hung potholders all over her.. :) I decorated mine with tons of pins and buttons.....Shanda won the loot in one of our games....It was a grand evening and we all had a great time...chatting. knitting, and crocheting, and winning trophies, awards, and just munching away on the fantastic pot luck dishes...
I love our get togethers!!!! My yarn group is the best!!!!

Monday, March 08, 2010

Etsy Projects

I love Etsy....I have been on there for awhile but just recently started to stock my shop...do check it out and let me know what you think???

I saw this article that I thought was interesting on Etsy and other online crafting selling places...

These are just a few of my newest items for sale on Etsy..

Monday, March 01, 2010

Wow New Patterns and Color

Check out CYCA's new afghan pattern...it is so bright and pretty...and not difficult to make either. The pattern is free...
I also love to make granny squares...they can be done ion so many ways and used for bags, afghans, or just about anything. And the color combos are endless....check out this wonderful use of granny squares in the totrtise' shell...isn't he the cutest and the pattern is free...

Some other granny square cute patterns include this adorable bag made by and I just love these squares you could make just about anything with them.. :) if you go to iamsusie her site there is a reference to this thread to make the bag, but since it is a Japanese design you will have to follow the chart..

This bag is one of my favorites.. :)


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