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Friday, April 17, 2009

Swapping Stuff

These items, cell phone pocket and crocheted pen I made for an online swap partner for April....hope she likes them. These are some of the prettiest glass beads I got from one of my swap friends....I also got these cute little skottie dogs, aren't they just the cutest? And this handmade card with butterflies is so pretty!

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

My "B" Day, Shopping, and Return from Florida

Saturday was my "B" day and got so many nice gifts go check out them at my other blog, PBDesigns and I also want shopping on Sunday with my group to one of my favorite LYS and of course got some more yarn, broke my NY Resolution, just a wee bit though...and then went to my fav Craft shop, TallMouse...and bought some more wonderful fabric..they have the best!!!!

We just got back from visiting my sis in Florida and it was so warm and pretty there.. :0 We are going back again next Spring for maybe a week and stay right on the sand....its just like CA but I get to visit with sis... :)

Then I went with my LG and went to LYS and shopped....I got some wonderful yarn and also went to Tall Mouse and got more yummy fabric!!!


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