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Thursday, September 14, 2017

Hello Bloggers Fall is in the Air.......

Hello Fellow Bloggers......
I have been working on my "Pouf" our SnC club project for some time now.  We start in February and have till the 1st meeting in November.   I started it and then laid it down till last month wihen I started to work on it a few evenings I used Bernat Blanket in two different colors.   I'm excited to show my SnC crafting group  and I finally finished it just in time.  Its due November 9th meeting.  Well I actually have time.  :)  We all do one and its interesting to see how different they all turn out.  Then we vote for our favorite and that gal gets a Craft Store gift card.....  yippy!

Now I have to write up the pattern for it.

Top View  

I coordinated the colors to match my living room chair, floor and oak tables and rug and my contrasting Sea Foam wall. Perfect!

I think it looks great what do you think?

I am pleased with how it turned out

I used a Faux Leather blue for the bottom of my "Pouf"
It really worked well as a bottom so it won't get dirty. 

the sides really pop with the brown and teal

This is before I finished stuffing it and sewing on the bottom
I will write up the pattern soon....

I also finished a cute shoulder Cowl scarf 
its really lightweight and I used a really pretty shell buckle in blue pearl to match with a satin ribbon.  I like how it flows and very stretchy, too ..  

Our Red Hat gals Social Butterflies had a "Crazy Wig" party.  I love pink and got this wig for a prize ...  I think i look good in PINK!

I made this SnC Logo with a clip art I bought 
so do not copy this one ladies as it is copyrighted to me...

© 2017 SnC logo
Fitting for us I believe for when we hit the road 
shopping for yarn... :) 

that's all for now....


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