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One for helping yourself, the other for helping others. " Audrey Hepburn


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Guest Posts & Give Aways

First, I would like to thank you for your interest in guest posting on Crochetoholic's Place!  I welcome "Guest Postsand "Giveaway Posts" and I especially love doing "Guest Post" swaps! Feel free to email me if you wish to submit a "Guest or Giveaway Post," or would like me to submit a "Guest Post" for your blog. If you are new to "Guest" or "Giveaway" posting then read on to learn more about the "how tos" and "rules". If you are a new "small" crafting business with a blog shop, you can write a "Guest Post" as long as you follow the rules below.

What is a Guest Post?
So, what is a "Guest Post?" It is a post that is posted on Crochetoholic's Place FREE of charge. The post may promote your personal blog about your handmade products, hobbies, or fun things about you, or just talk about your blog in general. It is a post written to simply talk about your craft or maybe you just want to increase traffic to your blog. It is not a post to promote a business unless, you are referring to your personal Etsy or "blog" shop. In other words, you can talk about your craft shop, but you may not include links to your shop. 
What is a Giveaway Post?
What is a "Giveaway Post" you ask? Well it is simply a post that offers a free product or gift certificate to its readers for FREE. A giveaway can be used as a type of marketing promotion where something is given away for free. Lots of companies have often use giveaways to get the word out about their products, to get people to try something new hoping that they will continue to buy their product. Now-a-days bloggers are jumping on this "band wagon" to promote traffic to their blog or their online shops.

Guest Posts:

  • When writing your "Guest Post" keep it focused and theme related to your blog. Be creative and interesting to keep your readers attention. 
  • All "Giveaway" posts are excepted for FREE as long as they are less than $50, if the product or gift certificate exceeds $50 in value then there will be a 1x flat fee of $10 for the post. 
  • Do review all previous posts on Crochetoholic's Place to be sure that I have not already covered your information. Any changes I make to your post will be discussed with you before your post goes "live" on the Internet.  
  • You may include one link back to your blog.
  • You may include at least 1 photo or video; [max 3 photos per article] all your images must be attached as an "extra attachment," DO NOT include your photos in the body of your email or link it to a website address; each photo should be approx. 650 x 450 pixels and must be an original picture taken by you or from a public granted domain, or from a "creative commons" granted source; always link the source your image came from; 
  • Your guest post should include an "author bio" at the bottom of your article and should be limited to no more than 3 sentences. You may also include a link to your "About Me" page on your blog in the bio. No company or business links or keywords or phrases linked to any company or business will be accepted. Please see "Sponsored" posts for more details concerning these types of posts. 
  •  All Guest Posts must be written by you, the blog owner only. Please see my "Sponsored Post" guidelines for any options concerning writing about other companies or businesses or your URL shop.
  • Guest posts will be published on the top of the homepage of Crochetoholic's Place for a maximum of 1 week and then will be archived to the "Guest Post" page. [There will be a link on the sidebar to the "Guest Post" page] 
  • If you wish to have your Guest post placed on any other of "DaCraftyLady's" blogs; PBDesigns, DaBookLady's Reading Life; DaBookLady's Favorite Recipes;  they must be a different article related to each blog's theme. [Please refer to those blogs  Guest Post rules]
  • All content MUST be unique to my site. This includes your own blog or website, however, we do recommend that you post a short post referring/linking your readers to your "guest"post on Crochetoholic's Place.  
  • All articles are checked with Copyscape.com I reserve the right to reject your submission if it does not pass "Copyscape" or if I find your article published in part or whole elsewhere online.  If the post is duplicated online, the post will be unpublished immediately and no refund will be issued.
  • If you write about any facts in your article "Guest Post," be sure to site the sources where your facts were found and always write within the © "Copyright" guidelines.
  • Crochetoholic's Place reserves the right to refuse any guest post, sponsored post, link, review or giveaway submitted for publication. All content MUST be relevant to your site only and be related to crafting, handmade products, your hobby or your personal interests. [must be family friendly]
  • Any of the above rules and/or fees may change on any given day. As new issues arrive, new rules may need to be applied. Please understand that Crochetoholic's Place makes every attempt to continue making your "Guest Posting" experience here an easy, fun, and possible increase in traffic to your blog as possible.
If you need help writing your post try these sites for a little guidance:Daily Blog Tips or “7 Crucial Tactics for Writing a Radically Successful Guest Post.


If your giveaway winner will be chosen at random you are probably hosting sweepstakes and thus you should comply with the laws regarding sweepstakes.
The source: Flirt
Guest Post General Rules
  • There is no guarantee that a submitted guest post will be published. Publishing a guest post is up to the editor’s discretion, based on available openings in the schedule and the quality of content. 
  • All posts must be FAMILY FRIENDLY.
  • All posts should provide interesting content about your blog's main theme.
  • Posts should be unique in content.  
  • All posts can not be an advertisement for your product/s or the same or similar to that of a sponsored post.
  • We reserve the right to make formatting adjustments and may change the title and sub headings. We’ll reach out to you via email if further editing is required
  • You agree to link back to your guest post via a roundup or use social media such as Twitter or Facebook or Linky or Pinerest to help promote it
If your post meets the above guidelines:
  • Submit all posts to crochetoholicdebb [at]msn[dot]com  for consideration. We’ll give you a “yea” or “nay” in just a few days.
  • Please include the post in the body of the email. Do not include it as an attachment. You may include HTML coding, but understand I may have to "tinker" around with it a little to match the typical code structure of my site.
I think this will be a fun adventure for everyone! I will see an increase in traffic on my blog from readers visiting your "Guest Post!" You will most likely see an increase of traffic to your blog! You might even make some new devoted fans! You’ll get "spotlighted" here and reach a whole new audience, plus greater visibility around the whole web. And, that’s a craftily-ever-after bonus!!
Your extras:
  1. One link to your “About Me” page.
  2. One link to you your blog.
  3. One link for your Twitter username (optional).
Get familiar with how inbound links work in determining search results and rankings for your blog. That's how the above extra links will benefit you.
Obviously, we think we make out like a bandit as well. We get to offer your great stuff to our readers!
I will "proofread" your post for grammar, punctuation, spelling, etc. I write a newsletter and I am a retired teacher by trade, so I usually can spot most errors. However, I too make mistakes, so if you see anything in your post that is incorrect, be sure to notify me immediately. I shouldn't need to make any substantial changes, but if I do I’ll always email you back for your approval. 
I might also add a short intro or conclusion to your post to provide opinions and statements as to why I feel the post is a good read. I’ll make it clear these are my thoughts, not yours, and if I do add any statements onto your post it will always be to talk you up, never down.
I understand the "sweat" and time it takes to write a "Guest" blog post, so I’ll never just deny posts that are submitted without a thorough weighing of content, purpose, and reader's benefit. My desire to share other's idea's and blogs is too important to me. However, I want to make it clear that anything I publish are posts that in my personal judgment add interesting and informative value for all my readers.
If for some reason it’s just not going to work I'll email you a brief explanation as to why it wasn’t approved. You are then free to do with it what you wish, including shopping it to other blog sites. I believe that's fair.
If your "Guest Post" is accepted a "disclaimer" will be posted at the bottom of your post stating that all the information and opinions are from the author of the "Guest Post" and that Crochetoholic's Place accepts no liability.
Even though I've spent all day writing these "guidelines" and "disclaimers" you realize that I'm not really difficult to deal with if you've read it all!  I want this to be fun for both sides, I just want to take a moment to set everyone's expectations to avoid confusion and anyone thinking they were never told. Communication is the goal to success!
Ok.... I'm done writing my book! 

Photo credits: some rights reserved by DaCraftyLady
I look forward to helping you promote your blog. 
You may contact me at any time with any questions or to set up 
your "Guest or Giveaway Posts."

NOTE: All information is the opinion of the author unless otherwise noted. Crochetoholic's Place does not guarantee any increased traffic or sales from any Guest post that is posted on Crochetoholic's Place blog. CP


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