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Friday, January 28, 2011

This Week's Feature "You Rock" Blog

I am posting two posts today!!!
Well I had visited a blog called "Simplfy" and she had decided to post about other blogs she enjoyed visiting instead of issuing out Awards...and I thought how great of an idea this was!!! I mean I am alwys hopping all over to visit blogs and looking for cool new ones [does anyone say "cool" anymore????] and this would be so nice to spread the ones I have found to my followers.

So "off and on" I will be posting a tribute to a blog I find interesting and want to share with all of you:

This week,s feature blog I am going to share Kris' blog, "Simplfy " her blog includes some scrumptious recipes and crochet wonders. Her photos are excellent and after reading them she makes your mouth water, she is also a crocheter and crafter has some cute projects going expecially at her Etsy shop....that she just opened and sells some of her fabulous flt flowers and some crochet items....be sure to hop over and visit her and let her know that I sent you....

You could be next on my list to bethe blog feature on  "You Rock" Blog ....be sure to link back to me when sharing about this or posting yours on your blog always link back to me!!!

Some TGIF Thoughts and Crochet Updates

Good Morning I was blogging and snagged this from
my online friend, "Chatty Crone"
Hope you're all having a wonderful TGIF

Thought for the day -

God never promises to remove us from our struggles. He does promise, however, to change the way we look at them.

- Max Lucado

Hopefully laughter is one way of achieving that - if only for awhile.

How to Work with Cone Yarn when You Crochet

Cone yarn, is mostly used for the machine knitter, but it is finding its way into the baskets of those who crochet. The price is right, less expensive than when rolled into a ball. The variety of yarns are large, and the yarn itself is often just right for any project in mind, especially if it's a sweater. When the project is more conveniently done with a ball, a ball winder is the simple answer.

Working with cone yarn is easy if you know the tricks. Most importantly is to always keep the cone far enough beneath the project so that the yarn gently winds off the top of the cone. The cone is tapered so it does this easily. The cone looks like it should spin, but if you use the tension on the yarn to make the cone turn you expend unnecessary energy and you may stretch the yarn. When I work with a cone I put it in a small basket or plastic container on the floor at my feet and I have used my paper towel holder to slip it onto so that it spins around on it without rolling all over the place. I have a wooden stand up paper towel holder that works great!! As I need more yarn a slight tug makes it gently unwind from the top of the cone. I use the same technique when winding yarn from the cone into a ball using a ball winder.

                        Making a "Rainbow" Ball of Yarn

This is an easy thing to do and can make any project colorful and uniquely your own. Just look in your stash and pull out some great colors and fibers of different weight valus. Start winding one into another ball, stop whenever you want and tie another color on and start winding more, and continue until your desired size of your "rainbow" skein. Now crochet a project and watch how beautiful the colors show!!!

Thanks for stopping in come back real soon now...........

Thursday, January 27, 2011

The Art of Crochet for Kids - Sing Along!

What a great video for kids to learn to crochet

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Some Finished Projects and Chloee

the fingerless gloves

the finished collar

it has pockets too and really warm

my reader shawl

chloee got a haircut
new pattern books

Thanks for stopping by please do come and visit again.....

Monday, January 24, 2011

A Cute "Swimming with the Dolphin" Necklace Free Pattern

Yesterday we went to celebrate my daughter's 40th "B" day...oh my that really dates me... hee hee...any who I know how she likes Dolpins so I made her a quick little necklace...Its so easy to make, here is the free pattern...
                                                       Swimming with the Dolphin Necklace

Dolphin glass pendant [Blue Moon, I got mine at Michael's Craft Store]
Anne Blatt [small amount it is from their Glamorous collection 3 colors with gold]
1 Lobster Claw Clasp 
4 oval jump rings 2 large and 2 medium
Bent Nose pliers
Chain Nose Pliers
size F crochet hook or one to create a tight ch st

Leaving a 6" tail slip knot onto hook and ch 1adding your 1st jump ring by putting hook through jump ring pull loop through and finish your ch st, continue with ch st until desired length, then ch last st onto 2 jump ring the same way as you did the 1st jump ring. Attach the closure you have chosen to one end [depending on weather you are right or left handed, right handed put it on the right end and left handed people on the left end] of your ch cord by opening up the jump ring and sliding the end of the lobster claw onto the ring and closing the jump ring , attach 3rd jump ring in the glass loop on Dolphin and then add 4th jump ring onto that ring, You will need to open all rings and then reclose. Remember when you open the jump rings use your tool to pull open side to side, DO NOT: open by pulling each end or you will deform the ring and never get it back to its right shape. [been there and done that, another story] See here for tutorial on jump rings, and hints and techniques here. Note: the last jump ring that holds the pendant will slip onto your ch cord so be sure to put it on the ch cord BEFORE adding your closure.
Now enjoy your necklace!!

You can make this necklace with shiny embroidery thread, crochet cotton silver or gold thread #5, or any crochet cotton thread if you like and use any pendant. I used antique gold findings and Anny Blatt yarn because I had it in my stash.

Have fun and experiment. And remember as always all copyright rules apply.
Always link back to my blog when showcasing your finished necklace and let me know, so I can come see too. I love to see.

 All Crochetoholic patterns can be used for personal or charity use only.
© 2010 Crochetoholic's Patterns

All patterns on this site designed by Crochetoholic are protected by the copyright law, you may not distribute (for free, or for compensation) copies of any of the patterns on this site or Crochetoholic's Blog in printed form, electronic form, or any other format. You may sell any items made from the patterns listed below provided you agree to the following: 1. All items are to be handmade by YOU and not mass produced in any way. 2. If selling the items online, you must include in the item description; a. a link back to Crochetoholic's Blog b. Note that Crochetoholic is the original designer, c.You must contact Crochetoholic and ask permission to sell the item made from any patterns found at: http://crochetoholicspatterns.blogspot.com or http://crochetoholic.blogspot.com By downloading, copying, printing, or any any way using a pattern in this site, whether free or purchased, you are agreeing to the above copyright rules.

© 2010 Crochetoholic's Patterns

Monday, January 17, 2011

Valentine Goodies Made for my LYG

the group made
 I made some Valentine's Day goodies for my LYG early this year...they were easy and fun to do...over at cutes and turtles blog.. I just have to glue on the eyes
the butterfly

the heart

the flower

pink butterfly

close up

with g-girls Valentine necklaces

Friday, January 14, 2011

My 7 Most Interesting Things About Me

I was crochet surfing and found a wonderful "stitching" blog" be sure and check out "Coffee n'Crochet" she received an award from "Stitch of Love" and posted her 7 interesting things about her, and I am following with mine!!!

I love to bake and when I do I never use a measuring cup but "eye" my additives. It turns out ok so I guess I am close enough to the required amounts. No one complains in my family especially my sweet tooth hubby!

I tend to sabotage my own weight loss goals, because I love to lunch with friends. I try to eat healthy but I am forever rushing through the healthy meal so I can order dessert. :( Well does sugar- free pie count as a healthy choice???
I love the corny Sci-Fi "large insects" movies. They are my "thrills" and even though most are "b" grade style and unbelievable, I still am glued to the TV when they are on. I guess I just enjoy the make-believe side of the flicks!!
My son bought us a standing heater for our patio for Christmas and I can't wait to experiment with it on a cool evening. Since I spend an enormous time on my patio crocheting and watching the TV it will be used often and allow me to stay out there on cooler nights when before I would have to go inside. I can also use it when I have our stitching groups party on the aptio...

I think shopping for yarn and patterns is sometimes more exciting than making the project and before I start the project I go right out and buy more supplies for another pattern that I find online. I guess that makes me a yarpat-shopoholic???? lol
I have fallen in love with Pirate-Booty popcorn. There are no two ways about it, I eat it all the time. Since eating the old kind of popcorn always got stuck in my teeth, this substitute is heaven to me!!!
My ultimate dream would be to have a craft/ coffee/ tea book shop here in the nearby beach city, with yummy scones and a couch to sit on so you can craft or read a good book! There just isn't enough places to crochet/knit in public and I would have room for clubs to come and hold their meetings there along with annual field trips for anyone who wanted to come along. I would also have Victorian wear for those that wanted to look stylish while they sat for tea and a photo booth to save the memory of that day for my customers... Well a gal can dream can't she?

Okay there you have it silly ole' me!!

No award for me yet??? Let's join everyone in blogland and do your own and pass on to someone who hasn't had it, so here are a few to keep the ball rolling...

Hooks and Books


Crochet Every Day

By Hook, By Hand

Your turn.............

Ta Ta for today......
stitch a stitch of happiness  

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

What's Up? New Crochet Projects Finished

this pattern is from Crochet Today Jan 2011 issue

my finished earflap headband hat

my mobius shawl

I love how great this fits

this just feels so soft it is done in the ribbon yarn

made with Christmas Red Heart
 sparkle red I am working on the
fingerless gloves to match this cowl 

my mobius can be used as a hood too

another chain scarf from the Crochet Today Jan 2011 issue

a light bulb necklace with fun fur

fun cilver beads with Red Hearts necklace

This sleep mask was so fun to make I followed
a simple heart pattern and added my own little
fun goodies!

I love working with this pattern from "A Common Thread"

I made several with different embellishments

the back view of the sleeping mask

look closely as this gal is spinning from a live rabbit on her lap, went to Piecemakers

added a little "Nite Nite" and loops in the back

I have been making up a few little projects for Valentine's Day and just for fun. :) I love quick projects and starting longer ones....

Sunday, January 02, 2011

Patterns and Fun Things

Sharing some patterns I found while surfing:

Pananche Shawl (knitting)

Sproinger (knitting – hat)

Panda Silk Fan Shawl (knitting)

Double strap Mary Janes (crochet)

Sweet Hearts (crochet)

Fuzzy Panda Amigurumi (crochet) Adorable!

Fish Hat (knitting)

Exploring Spirals Bag (knitting)

Tiny Knitting Brooch (knitting) Very clever!

Snowflake Earrings (crochet)

Recycle Knit Scrubber Puff (crochet or knit)

Harry Potter "Sockmark" (a HP bookmark knit)

Harrry Potter Dishcloth (knit )

HP Harry and Hedwig (crochet)


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