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Friday, January 28, 2011

This Week's Feature "You Rock" Blog

I am posting two posts today!!!
Well I had visited a blog called "Simplfy" and she had decided to post about other blogs she enjoyed visiting instead of issuing out Awards...and I thought how great of an idea this was!!! I mean I am alwys hopping all over to visit blogs and looking for cool new ones [does anyone say "cool" anymore????] and this would be so nice to spread the ones I have found to my followers.

So "off and on" I will be posting a tribute to a blog I find interesting and want to share with all of you:

This week,s feature blog I am going to share Kris' blog, "Simplfy " her blog includes some scrumptious recipes and crochet wonders. Her photos are excellent and after reading them she makes your mouth water, she is also a crocheter and crafter has some cute projects going expecially at her Etsy shop....that she just opened and sells some of her fabulous flt flowers and some crochet items....be sure to hop over and visit her and let her know that I sent you....

You could be next on my list to bethe blog feature on  "You Rock" Blog ....be sure to link back to me when sharing about this or posting yours on your blog always link back to me!!!


  1. What a nice surprise to be featured on your blog!!!! I am honored! We are headed out in just a minute here, to the desert for a weekend of camping. I will be back soon to visit more of your fun blog, and thank you so much for both following me, and mentioning me in your post!
    Looking forward to getting to know you!!!

  2. Hi Debb, thanks for stopping by. Yeah, Long Bch is a stones throw away from me. We should get together at the next "yarnie" event happening around LA. I'm book marking your blog and becoming a follower! Have a fabulous wknd and YES, we have been having gorgeous weather.

  3. Kris... you are very welcome... :)hope to see you here more often...

    Annielizabeth...oh yes definitely need to met up one of these days, our next "yarn crawl" with my small group is to Santa Monica in Feb...let me know when there is a yarn event going on in LA good luck with the Cypress'..Debb

  4. Very nice...Kris great!!!


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