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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Halloween Party Fun and Birthday Party with Family

I won 1st place for the best costume at the Halloween crochet party...it was a 70s theme

 I won some Midnight Oil Broomstick Chocolate
my daughter got a new "do" and looks so pretty and my g-kids had fun at the "B" day party for Amanda's 13th "B" day

here we all are, me, son, g-son, g-daughters, hubby, daughter and son-n-law
My crochet candy

Chi Chi came by for a peanut snack
And then decided to bury some in my planters for later

a pumpkin dish I made and my "Boo" ghosts I crocheted

here is a fabric "spooky" place I made and this is an orange with whole cloves and ribbon and cinnamon to make the house smell sweet

here is a crochet bat I made

and some fabric bats

hubby was fooling around and
so did my son at the party... lol

The girls picked out their costumes for Halloween from my hube trunks I have in the garage. I have a ton of costumes...they look cute... :)

Thursday, October 21, 2010

More Party Fun Halloween

Last year I made this kitty

this is a napkin ghost

my teddy bear dressed for Halloween

these are for my "eye of Newt"

Frankenstein's Lab

labels made, "Witch's Sticks" are black licorise, black jelly beans are my "rotten candy" "deadly morsels" are black beans...plastic eyeballs are "Eyes of Witch's"

some ER candy and broomstick chocolate

skull decorated orange pop

geen drink, "Witch's Brew"

the beans with rotten teeth in them ...more still to come.. :)

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Halloween Crocheted and Party Stuff

 I made my gests for our party some sucker crochet guys...
 Here's a pillow case ghost
 I tie-dyed a shirt to wear as our theme is 1970s
 I used fabric and made a scary scene
 my crochet Frankenstein
 the happy couple
 I cut out fabric and made a maze of scary bats
 my RIP gravesite I made last year
My Bat necklace I put together.. :) This has been so much fun....stay tuned for more!!!

Monday, October 04, 2010

Farewell Allie Cat-----Halloween Doorway Beads Pattern

Hello, my kitty Allie has passed after 20 long years, it is sad but she had a good and long "kitty" life.

I have been working on my upcoming Halloween party which is themed in the "1970s"...so I decided to made beads for the doorway. At first I was trying to figure out what I could hang up and then got the idea to use those Mardi-gras beads that you can purchase at the $1 store as necklaces,  I had been using them to make beaded garland, and they did the trick. [no pun intended] I think it worked out great!!!


                                    Spooky Halloween Door Beads

You will need:
  • 3 beaded necklaces for each strand hanging [48 necklaces-be sure they are the same length-needed for 16 hanging beaded strands]gold, silver and purple]
  • 4ply worsted weight yarn[I used Red Heart] Orange, Black, Purple, and White
  • wooden dowel 3/4"[JoAnns Craft store]
  • 2 wooden ball ends to slip over dowel
  • Aleena's Tacky glue
  • DecoArt Twinkles Black craft glitter paint
  • Hook size G or F
Start by cutting a necklace anywhere between two beads-
ch 8 1st Step: with one end of beads -begin to attach with a sc between the first and second bead- 2x, continue to sc between each bead to the other end, Next Step: -change colors-cut the 2nd necklace and start with sc 2x between the 1st and 2nd bead of the 2nd beaded strand, Next Step: repeat on the 3rd strand -changing colors again-
HINT: the tighter you crochet the more of a "curl" you will have-
Ending: You will end with a ch 4-5 and fasten off.

You can make any color combination or make each strand all one color- Make 16 strands and weave in ends

HINT:  when adding a new necklace strand sc around the tail of the new color to help shorten the weaving in process-

I used the black orange black on most strands-or purple- white -purple, or purple-black-purple-- mostly I tried to use Halloween colors. :)

Next Step: I wraped the end of each bead strand with the 8 ch- around the dowel and knotted in place       -I used black-  sc around the dowel spacing each strand evenly to hold in place. -this keeps each strand from moving- NOTE: Be sure to leave abour 2 " at each end. Next Step: Put some glue inside each end ball opening and slip over both ends of the dowel.

Let dry over night

Last Step: paint the balls with the black paint. Let dry ....

Hang up in any doorway or window area, these can be used at any party in any color for any holiday, Experiment and have Fun.  Be sure to show me what you have made and link back to this blog for pattern details and giving credit to me for the pattern. Thank you....

"Happy Halloween"



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