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Friday, October 28, 2011

Halloween Stitching Style

I spooked up the bathroom

my crochet pumpkin

the lolipop ghosts

I hung up photos and everyone got to take
 one home from last year's party

the prize table

of course we had to have the
yarn cadaver lol

the yucky spider nest

part of the lab

Frankenstein's lab

the Deadly Morsels

what's in them?

more of my lab

I had fun making the lab

this is my crochet witch cnadle

the cauldron had a flickering light under that
 made it look like it was boiling

this is the Raven's nest with eye eggs
there was a flickering light under all of it and it
looked like it was blue

I added this on my aquarium and it looked like
it was in there grabbing the fish..

ok ..ok I know, but it was fun I was an over stuffed
lady doing her hair...lol, you know like from the 50s

I wore lots of make up and rolled down nylons
ball earrings, big top and all

the group all dressed for the party
Well Last night was my stitching groups Halloween party...there were 6 of us there. We had a grand time!!! we played several funny games and laughed the night away while we also stitched... 

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Halloween is Almost Upon Us?

What will you be for this Halloween? Every year I look forward to dressing up and making a unique costume. It is fun and I enjoy the creative part, it not always turns out the way I thought but I have fun trying. This year I was the "Swamp Gal" dressed in all green. I got the idea from Martha Stewart's magazine. 

the skirt

the top
Only I changed it quite a bit to my own body fitting and supplies that were available to me. I got most of my items at the $1 store and was pleased at finding almost all that I needed. 
my shirt

the back of my head piece
the back of my hands

I made this last year
  • green t-shirt from Michaels
  • green scrubbie from $1 store
  • green dish rag with scrubber background from $1 store
  • green yarn from my "stash"   
  • green with red polka dots socks from $1 store
  • green capris that I already had
  • green with black specks plastic tablecloth from $1 store
  • green dish scrubbies [2] from $1 store  
  • green child's crinnkle net skirt from $1 store 
  • green headband wig from $1 store
  • green hair spray from Walmart
  • green face paint I had
  • green foam sheets and green glitter sheets from $1 store
  • green paper plates from $1 store
  • green balloons from $1 store
  • green and sprarkly ribbons from $1 store
As you can see most was the $1 store, I first took the scrubbies and slit open one end and took out the foam then I made holes for my fingers to go through on the other end and those were my hand mits, which were great because I still had my fingers free but it gave a spiny top and a netted bottom like a sea creature might have, lol...

oh yeah I painted my nails glow in the dark green
and the rings lit up too

then I attached the shiny dish cloth to the the netting skirt to set over my head, I took apart the bath scrubbies and pulled the netting and cut it for arms length and attached them to my t-shirt sleeves and sewed on some yarn for decoration on the shirt along with red and green dots and green balloons were hanging all over the shirt,

this was the skirt part

I did get some glitter sticker dots and put them
 on my face to match my feet and shirt
 then I attached the ribbons to the neckline, then I took the plastic table cloth and cut it into strips to wear over my capris and hooked with yarn, 

my feet

I made flippers to tie over my shoes out of the foam and made my gills with the sparkle foam and paper plates, I just cut 1 plate in 1/2 and then one 1/2  in 1/2 again and cut a pie shape out of the sparkle and stapled it together. :)

not my beast angle
 When you put it all together the nice part about having 2 faces was that  I was able to wear the headpiece and then take it off and still have a scary face. lol...so what do you think????

fully dressed at the party
the sleeves

all the extras 
my hair color and socks
Happy Halloween

Monday, October 17, 2011

Halloween and Spiders and Ghosts, Oh My!!!!

I have been making some fun Halloween prizes and decorations for parties and the house and to sell. I love Halloween....

I made these black spider squiggly earrings

and these in orange

these do not show up as pretty as they really are all glitter with ruby eyes

and in green glitter without the eyes

close up of squiggly spiders

I also made a necklace now to get this one flipped???

this is my "Rainbow Skein" project the one I talked about in my previous post

a "hot" pink Jingle Bells necklace

a wrist bag felted

can you guess how many???

this is my "Pumpkin" candy corn filled prize and comes with a battery candle to use after the jar is empty  

this is the witch one

here's how the Spider necklace and earrings looks when on

close up

this shot shows the glitter spiders better

and in green glitter

ohhh my ghost candy corn candle jar

this will be??? Can you guess I am using sequin thread [String me Along]
and Patons Silk Bamboo Sapphire yarn, I love working with this yarn

I made these cute little ghost earrings

isn't this cute purple yarn stuffed in a Ghost cup

I added a spider to one of my witch jars

witch jar

closer photo of ghost cup

two jar candles the pattern will be on my
"patterns" page this week click on the link under
my heading above

wrist bag detail

guess who, part of my costume

my hands

the spider set

ruby eyes

the orange set darn that flipping isn't working???

If you are interested in purchasing any of my items see my "Products Blog" I'm listing them today, or my other store or Etsy...lol....



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