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Sunday, September 29, 2013

I Love "Maggie's Crochet" Website FB & Blog

Another "You Rock" Blog Feature

          This Month's Feature "You Rock" blog post

"You Rock" blog posts are featured posts of recognition of "fantastic" blogs that I have visited and enjoyed reading. Some are about crochet; some are just plain funny; some are really interesting; and some are about the author's adventures.
got the idea from "Simplfy" she had decided to post about other blogs she enjoyed visiting instead of issuing out Awards...and I thought how great of an idea this was!!! I mean I am always hopping all over to visit blogs and looking for cool new ones [does anyone say "cool" anymore????] and so I thought that this would be so nice to "spread the news" about blogs I have found to my followers. 

I think that there are tons of blogs out there that deserve recognition and more traffic. Many never get visited that often, because they are just not known by us bloggers. I hope by featuring "You Rock" blog posts it will promote more "online" friends to connect with; and for you to learn and visit with some very interesting and talented bloggers. 

So let's read about this month's "You Rock" blog! And after you read this feature be sure to hop over and visit with them. But, don't forget to let them know you heard about their blog over at Crochetoholic's "You Rock" blog feature!
You rock 
  This month's blog feature I am going to share with you 
Maggie's Crochet
Be sure to read more about Maggie here
She has been crocheting over 40 years and has been a designer for around 30 years. Her videos are wonderful. Following her video I made the Starbella Ruffled Scarf an easy project for me and I just had to watch it one time to understand how to complete this easy scarf. I like her clear easy to follow directions and she has very bright and close up views of the 
steps on all her  projects.
See Maggie's Blog 

Picture of Long Hooded Cape Crochet Pattern
One of my favorite places to check out new patterns is Maggie's crochet. She always has a huge array of unique, easy to follow patterns that are whimsical in style, like I love, and sometimes a vintage look as this beautiful Hooded Cape above. 

Farm Animals
     Picture of The Crochet Answer Book
You can also get some great crochet books like this Farm Animal one or one on crochet solutions and answers to all your project questions....

Picture of Turtle Afghan and Pillow Toy Crochet Pattern
too cute Turtle afghan

My favorite Owls

She also carry's yarn, directions on stitches, patterns and anything 
to do with yarn and crochet. Anything you want to learn or know 
about stitching just "ask" Maggie!!!

What more can I say about an informative, fun filled, crochet site 
that offers everything you will ever want or need for all your 
crochet projects!!!!

Thank you Maggie for all your crochet help...

Sign up and subscribe to Maggie on FB
Her Blog
Her website

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Crochet Halloween Fun Projects

Crochet Halloween Throw
I love this Halloween afghan
FREE pattern
Click to Supersize!
A lovely Witch Collie
get the pattern
Crochet bags
purchase the patterns from Crochet Spot

Pumpkin Bowl Cozy

Ohh a cute knit Pumpkin Cozy FREE pattern

This is really cute
FREE pattern

Ravelry: Witchipoo Poncho pattern by Heidi Yates

OMG this is so cute...I wish I had a little one to make it for...hmmm
I think I will change it to RED and make one for myself...lol
buy the pattern here

I made these a few years ago and I love them here is a FREE pattern


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