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Saturday, May 22, 2010

BFF Wedding Gift

I'm making my BFF an afghan for her wedding present. I am trying to hurry as she is getting married on the 12th of June so I have to get going, but I am almost done.. I love the colors I chose as she is a western gal and the denim and SW browns with the white just mesh well....I am also trying to finish her a Do Not Disturb hanger in purple as that is her wedding colors.. :)

The bag is what I got for the gals this month when we went to crochet at the beach day...worked perfect for your traveling projects!!!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Spring Projects!

I absolutly love this set! It is so spring!!! And the pattern to make it is free, I have already started mine... :)

Here's anothere one I started...it is the perfect garden hat!! What color do you like? I may make mine in this multi pink yarn I got on my last "Yarn Crawl" it is perfect for this little project!!! Here's the pattern...

I thought these cuffs for kids are adorable....I always see them for adults but have never seen them for kids...so this is my other project that I have started for my g-daughters... :) I know they will love them....

And lastly I love making "cool" projects and this one I am going to make but I have decided to change it a bit and use different inserts....the pattern is easy and fun!!

I just thought I would post these cute one's that I found at San Diego Hat Co. What cute hats!!!!

Sunday, May 09, 2010

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day All!!!

I love Hankerchief Dolls... :) They are so cute...I have two that I ammaking for my g-daughters and so I thought I would post how to make one for those of you interested ...The History of the Handkerchief doll has been known for years they were known in churches as the "prayer" doll. Little Girls were given these dolls to take to church with them and if they dropped them there was no sound heard and therefore, would not disturb the rest of the congregation.

As time pasted other dolls were made at an early age and they were clled the "pillow case" doll and the "pioneer" doll. The first one being made very much like the handkerchief doll. After that we saw the famous Raggie Ann dolls. :) I love Mmmmcrafts dolls be sure to check out her desigsn too!!

  1. first off you will need 1 large man's hankie and we will add some pretty trim to the edges to make it a pretty doll.
  2. some soft material to form a head about 2"with a little cotton stuffing
3.  6 6" ribbons in any color you like
Lay the handkerchief out to form a square. Take head after stuffed and put it at the center of the hanky just below the top. Wrap ribbon around neck area and the first step is completed
Next take tips of upper handkerchief one at a time and pull up from middle section of the point below. This will make the first arm. Tie a piece of ribbon at the shoulder joint. Repeat for 2nd arm.
The third step is the easiest. Take a piece of ribbon and tie it around the waist. This makes the hanky look like it has a body.
The last step is to make a face or not. Many times in old the dolls had what we call prayer faces. Closed eyes sewed on by hand with just a basic stitch. As time moved on in history of course doll faces became more involved.
These are the pillow case dolls....Then I found these lovely "Ribbon Dolls" and "Chain Dolls" they are so unique...And these "Birthday Dolls" are just the cutest...wow I have to make these...they are made with vintage hankies...


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