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Monday, October 07, 2013

Preparing for Stitch n Chicks and Social Butterflies Halloween Parties

at our last Stitch n Chicks meeting I wore my "chicks" hat

line up for our Red hats Halloween Game Time day

I had so much fun making up prizes and bagging them up

these adorable boxes were at the $1 store

I made this for a centerpiece for our Halloween party this month they are suckers
and wrapped in paper towels...too cute.

a crochet pumpkin candy bowl 

candy corn table centerpieces

this one is filled with chocolate balls

Frankenstein & bride gifts

candle Dracula

ghost candle

pumpkin candle

witch candle

Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Addams Family Knitting Sashay Scarves Crochet

October is Halloween Month
One of my favorite episodes of the Addams Family was when Morticia tries to teach Lurch to knit... LOL

This little cartoon is a riot

I've been making some Sashay scarfs for gifts...

for me

this yarn is really pretty

the scarf turned out great, for my granddaughter

for my sister it doesn't show up as pretty as it really is


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