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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Some Cute and Fun Patterns in Crochet

This is a cute hat I did a baseball cap similar to this a few years back in the same colors....
I really like it in this color

These Vintage hat patterns are also really cute

These Socks look like what I did before too.. :)

For those of you that are bad with "raising" plants here is an easy alternative....Violets plant pattern

Aren't these so "girly" I love them knit and crochet

Wednesday, January 09, 2013

I'm Working on WIP

I finished my Reading Shawl

I added some color to th eback of the color and then trimmed it in the same color

it has 2 pockets

my reindeer

as it hangs on the wall

going to wrap this and make it a wreath for next year

wearing my shawl

all dressed for the Stitch n' Chicks Christmas Dinner party

my gift was totally wrapped up in Christmas twinkle red yarn

I had to keep unwrapping till I go to the gift

a gift card to JoAnns woo hoo

plus I got a skein of yarn


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