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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

What Am I Crocheting Now???

I have been working on my Piano Bag and I have both sides done so far now on to the keys...

this is the matching change bag

Have to sew it up and add the button on the tag...

Friday, March 25, 2011

Another "You Rock" Blog Feature

          This Week's Feature "You Rock" Blog

I visited a blog called "Simplfy" and she had decided to post about other blogs she enjoyed visiting instead of issuing out Awards...and I thought how great of an idea this was!!! I mean I am always hopping all over to visit blogs and looking for cool new ones [does anyone say "cool" anymore????] and this would be so nice to spread the ones I have found to my followers.
So "off and on" I will be posting a tribute to a blog I find interesting and want to share with all of you:

I figure its about time I "spot light" another blog that I feel deserves recognition for not only wit and humor, but also for inspiration and fun!!!

This week's feature blog I'm going to share with you all is one of my favorite blogs to visit is a blog called "Chatty Crone" this blog has a lot of humor mixed in with quotes, sayings, funny and inspirational stories and some of her family life too. I enjoy visitng Sandie daily to get my humor dose and also my brain working with her little quizes and brain teazers. Every post is packed full of reading fun and info and inspirational lifts. Be sure to stop by her blog and tell her Crochetoholic sent you. It may not be Crochet but it will sure put a smile on your face.  Hop over there right now because Chatty Crone ROCKS!!

You could be next on my list to be a blog feature on "You Rock" Blog ....be sure to link back to me when sharing about "You Rock" or posting your own "You Rock" on your blog!!!


Thursday, March 24, 2011

Got Stress???

One of my online friends had this on her blog and I couldn't resist...

Monday, March 21, 2011

Parties and Yarn and Fun

We had a Rainbow Skein party and a Spring Fling T-shirt Deco Party with my stitching group. What fun...we all got together and wrapped yarn all different colors, each member brought 2 or more skeins we put them in the middle of the table and then wrapped whatever colors we wanted to whatever size of skein. Then we will make a project and bring it backed for a contest at our Halloween party this year...

The T-shirt deco party we got t-shirts for all and then I made up our Stich n' Chick logo iron-ons and everyone brought some "bling" and we all decorated our shirts...they came out so great!!!!

Our next get together we are having a Wine and Cheese and Chocolate Fondue party...yummmy!!! We have so much fun while we stitch away our projects... :)

some of the yarn left over from our Rainbow Skein party

Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Nothing Can Be Greener than Crochet in March!!!

I love Irish Crochet and this FREE pattern is a perfect, easy one to try... Look at how pretty the colors are and what a super gift this would make for any age mom, g-ma, or even gal with her own place....Now if I changed the colors to red and purple my Red Hat gals would love these too...or leave it pink and green and make some for family and friends. :)

Heres another FREE pattern for an Irish Hnakerchief Bag...look at how delicate this one is...what a beauty..

And what could be Greener than a Green Grass Rug!!! :) FREE pattern......


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