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Friday, July 29, 2011

Projects - My Bags- and Ice Cream Bar Earrings

this is the fabric I am lining my "Scraps Bag"
with I think it is so cute

the matching bag for my hooks

I decided to add a little charm

this is the sheep button that matches the lining

I finished my "Scraps Bag except to
 line it and blog it

these are the buttons I chose

I finished my bag now to line it with the watermellon fabric...oh and I have to add the black seeds too

this is the pin I used on it

my bracelet I made

the whole set

the earrings hang nicly

my purple ring

look closely there is a nickle in the middle of this ring

I made these ic cream earrings and think they are perfect for the summer months.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Look What I Got!!! Vintage Potholder Swap!!!!!

Guess who??? It is one of our Stitch n' Chicks members who was given
the "Escape Artist" award at our Anniversary Awards Luncheon. :)

I had to throw this photo in here as I absolutely love fresh sweet cold
 watermelon during the summer!!

this what I got from my "Swaparoo Vintage Potholder Swap" over at
"Crochet by Sea" from "ByHooks4u"  isn't it wonderful?

look how beautiful this potholder is

I love burgundy

she threw these coasters in extra...I love them

and this too cute angel pin...thank you sooooo much

Check out this swapping blog

I am finishing up mine to send off to her...I hope she will like what I choose as much as I love what she sent me...Thank you again Vikki.....

Friday, July 22, 2011

Stitch n' Chicks Meeting

 She has a beautiful place and is quite talented, she works on embroidery all the time and does silk ribbon embroidery too...her whole home is decorated with her talents...

a sample of her work just gorgeous

I have never saw a plant like this that is this big it is called an elk horn fern

her yard was so cute

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Where's Your Yarn At?

I have my yarn everywhere..I did sort through it and separte it but I still have bags by the fireplace, in the back room, on my hope chest, in the diningroom, and my office this is just my yarn downstairs.......

my office

hanging on the chair in the diningroom
yarn for my next project
thinking of making this t-shirt necklace
some of my finished projects in the back room
more in the backroom
on my hope chest in the diningroom
on the hearth of the fireplace
hanging on the chair

in the back room

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Crocheting :In The HOT Summer Months

So its HOT out don't cha just love popsicles? I sure do and I love their bright cheeful colors!!! Almost makes you want to make a Granny square Afghan huh???

But you want to crochet but what can you stitch with that won't make you feel even hotter??????

First lets see about some hints to help you stay cooler when you crochet:

  1. Try crocheting on a table, that way your yarn is not touching you and so your legs and body stay cooler, but you can still enjoy stitching
  2. Crochet in the shade or on the patio under a cover, your outdoors and staying cooler, I go down to the grassy area overlooking the beach where there is always a breeze and bring my lawn chair, find some shade under a tree and crochet away.
  3. Crochet at StarBuck's or any cafe where the air conditioner is blasting away while you sip on some ice tea
  4. Crochet smaller projects doilies and flowers or a small bag not only will you finish quicker giving you a good feeling but you can also make a ton of squares for the huge afghan you have had your eye on making.
  5. Sit under an umbrella at the edge of a pool with your feet dangling in the water, cooler and your getting to work on one of your projects
  6. Try crocheting with lighter weight yarn like a vintage thread pattern you may have wanted to try...the lighter weight cotton is easier to work with on hotter days because it is not as cumbersome or hot

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Some Little Projects On the Hook.....

I made this bracelet from a pattern I found in Crochet May 2011 and I really liked it ....The back is with the black picking up a post to get it to peek through ...

Then I made or started rather another "Bed Glove" set but this one is in red. Like the white ones I made from  Crochet World Oct 2006
Now this next piece is gorgeous, but it is for sale at $65.... hmmm I wonder if I can make this from the photo that Scoutie Girl posted ....??? I think I can...can you?

I had some "royality charms and made a little necklace with colored chain I got at Wal-Mart...it was pretty simple and then added the charm, now I need to finish it up....

OMG this is so cute, my friend loves Lady Bugs and she just had a hip replacement so I think I am going to make this for her to bring her when I stop by... :) The Itsy Bitsy Spider makes this and other adorable items...check out her blog and on Ravelry
Chloee is bugging me to take her for a walk so I better get to it.... :)


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