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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Yarn from the Craft Fair, Trees and just Stuff

I truely love the colors of the trees in California. These trees are called Jacaranda trees.They always amaze me. This scene is right up the street from me. We have trees with pink and white flowers on them in front of our house...I took the other photo of a tree in EL Dorado park that I thought was unique...the tree trunk at the bottom of the post was so cool looking I just had to take a shot of it too...now, for my yarns,  I know it is not much to do with crochet but I just had to share...I am getting over yet
 another cold so I have time on my hands to explore my photos.. :)  this yarn is so pretty....when we went on our last field trip I said a promise to myself that I would but NO MORE yarn,..now I tell you who keeps that kind of promise....???? The Simply Soft blue and white yarns will be for a special project, since I am sorting out all my patterns into folders and putting them in my file cabinet it shouldn't be hard! The charcoal and white yarns I ended up buying at Velona's! Then I started my g-son's Valentine's scarf. Coming along pretty quick. :)This glittery scarf, in the package, was only $2 at the fair and the bracelet kit is to make and it was from the Debbie Norvelle booth. :)The Sugar n' Cream yarn I got from Michael's for it's, $1 a skein, sale and the other is Simply Heather for maybe a scarf ??? 

The Velona's find is for a pattern in the book of a scarf with a hood, cuffs, and a bag, :) The other photo of yarn is what I got at the fair from Debbie Norvalle the multi colored pinks and blues and creams. :)

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Anaheim Craft Fair and my Projects

I finished my g-daughter's scarves for Valentine's Day. :) I used tBernat Bamboo. I just love working with this yarn and then I added Bernat Boa in the middle. The pattern is a simple one....I used the stitch combination of sc and dc and then worked long instead of across and then changed colors and added fringe and then tied it with a bow. You just have to weave it on each side to keep it in place. I made them shorter because they are oyunger and I also wanted it to be a little different thatn the normal long scarves...

So went to the Anaheim Convention Center and met Caol Duvall...what a treat!!!!! She is such a nice person. and the "queen" of crafting!!! I used to watch her and was a faithful fan. Sorry when she went off the air and looking forward to her new "online" network that is in the works. http://www.icraftnetwork.com/ it is under construction now but if you email Carol you can become a fan and get alerts when it starts up.  icraftwithcarol@yahoo.com

It was a huge event, with Debbie Stoller  too and craftster and Joann's and Michaels. If you wanted you could make small crafts at individual tables and have more fun. There was a lot of ideas and crafting supplies and the gals and I had a ball......PLUS!!!!! I got to finally meet my online "Flicker" friend Heather....we have been talking on Flickr for over a 1 year and we met up there. I only wish I had taken a photo of us together, but next time I will for sure..:::

We had walked for hours and all our dogs were barking. Here we are holding them up for a group shot, the other two gals had left already.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Stitch n' Chicks Singing "Jingle Bells"

This was my Yarn group's Christmas party singing "Jingle Bells" I changed the words to go with our group.. :)

Friday, January 08, 2010

My Victorian Flare Upstairs

This is a china fan I love the painted design and it hangs on the wall or can be put on a stand...on to more shabby chic....this gal is a popourri holder and she has a porcilin head and made with layers of lace and beads, so pretty don't you think...  and one of my favorite corners upstairs where I read and write...DH even got my a softee blankie to throw over me when I am relaxing there.. :)

Thursday, January 07, 2010

Down with the Decorations

Another Christmas here and gone! Wow....all those decorations are down and finally put away. I collect MM memorbilia and have several on the tree ....so they must be packed with extra care..I just got my DH to put the outside stufff away and also put the boxes in the garage that I finally got all filled. Phew.....IT is amazing how much one accumilates for the holidays and then after we go out and purchase more on sale!!!

I was good and only got cookin bins for the kids for next year and a huge stocking to fill with goodies for one of my groups gifts...

I swept and cleaned my little bum off....I don't know about everyone else but I think I gained 5 lbs over the holidays... :( boo

This one is a pic of DH and I from the mid 90s in a gold heart...see a lot of the Avon in the background and I also have all the McDonalds ones they gave out in the 80s, I always give McDonalds gift certificates in my kids and g-kids stockings, its a tradition.. :) Along with a new ornament each year personalized...  Foxy got in on the act too....

Remember this bag?? I have to finish this one so it is on my WIP lists to do....

Sunday, January 03, 2010

My New Lamp and Gifts and Yarn

I got It!!!! Yes I did I got a new Ott lamp for Christmas....my DH got it for me and I love it. It is the floor model and it works wonderful. I didn't realize how mch I have been losing out on seeing until I switched this lamp on. What a huge difference it makes I can actually see black now...

I also went shopping with my gift card that my DS gave me and I got some pretty yarn at Michaels.  It was on sale, so I couldn't resist...I bought 3 colors for a pony tail cap and the other 5 for a pocket scarf, and then I have 5 others for a scarf and maybe another hat...

In the evening I have been working on my new puzzle and have it pretty much together...boy this one is a harder one...
I finally finished my Christmas socs for next year...I am going to add some dots to the bottom and use them as slipper socks, maybe give them to my niece...I even added bells to the Pointsetta flower..

Friday, January 01, 2010

Happy New Year

Its time to start new patterns and I have been surfing half the day for a Reader's Swawl with a collar that I could get for free....but alas I guess I will have to pay the $7.95 for it as it does not seem to be anywhere....It is made with Caron Simple Soft and is so pretty...anyone seen it?  So whats on your hooks and needles out there?

Any New Years "res" that can be shared? I have several and want to try and keep them this year as last year I was baddddddddddd and didn't...

1. Finish my WIP
2. Walk daily or 3x a week
3. Work on my patterns
4. Work on my website
5. redo my craft room
6. go through my clothes and revamp
7. call an old friend and chat
8. use the yarn I already have for a project
9. go have lunch at a new place
10. lose some weight!!!!!
11. one for good luck, kiss my hubby and remember to thank him for my happy years with him... :)


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