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Friday, January 16, 2009

Bag History and a Free Pattern.

Vintage Crochet Sovereign Purse

I found this information on All Free Crafts site. It was really interesting to learn about bags and their history...

This sovereign purse is one of several purse patterns, including a Bridal Beaded Purse which were first published in Beeton's Book of Needlework, 1870. According to A Brief History of Bags and Purses from the Hampshire Museum in England, sovereign purses were coin purses with metal fastenings. The museum holds a delightful collection of several hundred bags and purses from the 18th century to the present day.

There were small knitted, netted or crocheted silk, cotton coin purses are also characteristic of [the Victorian] period and were known as stocking purses, and miser' purses. By the mid century these bags had metal fastenings and the whole was often made of a delicate metal chain, which supported sovereigns and half sovereigns, hence the term 'sovereign purse'. Chamois leather was also used, together with metal rings to secure the coins.

Sovereign cases were of circular metal design, with an internal spring to release a coin at a time. It is worth noting that in North America handbags are still called purses, which may refer back to their introduction there from Europe after 1800, when they were still primarily coin purses.

You can search the museum's extensive gallery of antique bags and purses, which is a great tool if you're trying to date or research a vintage purse.

This site also has a free pattern for the above bag. And her is a wonderful Foxglove Tea Cozy pattern.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Some Unique Things I Found and Liked

Ok, believe it or not, these “woolly breasts,” from page 9 of Simply Knitting, Issue 27, Spring 2007 ARE for a good cause - they are used as teaching tools for midwives and “health visitors” at Liverpool Women’s Hospital. so, if you want to knit for a good cause make one or two of these. You can find the pattern : http://www.lcgb.org/knittedbreastpattern.pdf and when you’re done with your breasts send them to:
Kate McFadden, c/o Neo Natal Unit, Liverpool Women’s NHS Foundation Trust, FREEPOST, NAT 13868, Liverpool, L8 7BR
(for everyone not happening to reside in the UK…yours truly included…obviously, the FREEPOST portion of the address above won’t work, but if you’ve taken the time to knit some woolly breast fugage, surely paying for the postage is but a minor inconvenience?)

I thought that this lady in the mirror picture was really cute for sewing...and the ginger bread men made in felt are very cute... :)

This guy is surrounded by beer bottles and it was amazing what you can do with beer bottles. Below is the cutest dress ever. I just love "sock" monkeys and this dress just says it all!

Ahh now who doesn't love this crocheted sucker turkey?

And this doggy looks like my granny??? LOL


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