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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

An Apron Give Away

There are 3 tea towel aprons in this give away over at Not Just Bags, by Trish' blog , the orange one has coffee fabric, the lime green (middle one) has teacups and the blue one has tea pots. leave a comment on which one you would like. since there are not a lot of "followers", you should have a good chance at winning! Its open till Monday March 30th. The winner will be announced on Tuesday the 31st...NOT on April 1st!!! This is her first give away...and she will be having some more "stash busting" giveaways soon, she needs some space!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Saturday Surfing

Its Saturday and I am at the computer surfing for great ideas on things to make...I love that....I was over at Checkout Girl's blog and I am amazed at her work. she is so creative...love the felting houses and portraits... :)

The picture is a street in my area that is all bloomed out with purple flowers, isn't it lovely and makes spring time a favorite season...

The weather has been so nice and now today it's a "gloomy" cool day!! About 65' out... great time to finish my postcard I am making for my "Handmade Theme" group on Flickr.....

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

What to Crochet Next?

As you know I have vowed to try and get some of my yarn and "WIP"projects off the ground and finished so that I can make room for new yarn....oh I am bad... you know the saying.... "Do you experience palpatations when you pass a yarn shop?", then you are an obbsessive crocheter....TADA!!! that is me..... :)

So... since Jan I have finished my Magnetic Ball, napkins, napkin rings, and a hot pad for an online swap friend, my Pigs in the Basket game for my g-daughter [opps I forgot to give it to ] hee hee... I just love to play it myself...I also finsihed lining 3 bags, and started a shawl with huge pockets for me...I am using yarn that I had bought eons ago for an afghan that I never really started, sooooo...I am putting th Caanadian "Chunky" to good use. I am using a pattern that uses patriotic colors and I switched and I am using sage, cream, and hot pink, my "fav" color.... :)


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