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Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Hello Bloggers...

Wow its been a long time since I posted.   I think since FaceBook came out everyone goes over there to post including me ... :(

But I decided to post today a little of my "Snuggles" and "Lap-Snuggles" I have been making for my crafting group's charity..

I love them and even gave a tutorial class to the my craft club on how to make them.

What is a "Snuggle"  well its a blankie for dogs and cats in the shelter's or foster homes waiting to be adopted.   It gives them their own little "Snuggle" with their smell on it so that when they are adopted and leave their foster home it will help them with the stress of the unknown.   They take these "Snuggles" with them.

I made several crocheted, knit, and fabric.  Now I am making a combination fabric/fleece and crochet edging with a batting filling for more comfort.

Here are a few I have made:

This one is all crochet with Hobby Lobby "I Love Cotton" yarn

Hard to see these from my class but these are a few more I have done

This one is what I call a "Lap-Snuggle" it is for the patients at our Nursing home we donate to.  Its one yard of cotton and one yard of fleece with a 5dc fan crochet boarder stitching around the edges.
I love how soft it feels.  Its perfect for the wheel chair bounded patient's as it won't drag on the floor but will still keep them warm.

A kitty "Snuggle" this one has a curled edging

This is laid out to do my newest "Lap-Snuggle"  the granny squares were donated to us 
by a crochet lady I know.  I think it will turn out pretty

Well that's all for today...

Till next time

Happy Stitching and Crafting.....


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