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Thursday, March 28, 2013

What Should I Crochet?

What should I talk about today???? I have been a bit lazy where crocheting is concerned. But I have been looking at some projects that either need last minute repairs, or need finishing. I have some washers and have meaning to make a "washer necklace" that I once saw over at 6ichthusfish's blog and also over at
And I just love this chain crochet necklace that I saw over at Cut Out & Keep Isn't it too cute??? There's no pattern but looks easy enough to tackle? Just crochet around chain and there is no closure so you can just slip it over your head. This one is 45" long and is quite heavy. I think mine would have to be more lightweight. 

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Just a Spring Fun Crochet Day

Free Make me Smile afghan pattern here

Photo: I'm not sure why anyone would knit a sweater for at cat, and I think the cat agrees with me!
This one is just too funny

I want to make this afghan but wow it is hard to find I did find it in Annies book on Amazon for $122 new and $54 used. WOW the gal that made this afghan in 2012 found it on Amazon for $10. 

It is perfect for my son....

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

What's on my Hooks?

I love bright colors and fun projects. I seen this blue and variegated yarn and couldn't resist it. I love Red heart for afghans...

this octagon afghan is going to be so pretty with all the colors

these buttons really set off the shawl

I will probably give this to our SnC charity home in December

I liked the gray, black and white combo

the buttons are iridescent and really look good with this yarn

it goes well with the beret I made last year too

its warm and cozy to wear

this cowl is longer

I liked these buttons I chose

its comfy to wear too

had to plug in my Easter get up...lol....guess who?????

you can roll the collar over for a different look

Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Guest Post "20 Cute Crochet Patterns for Baby"

20 Cute Crochet Patterns for Baby

by Guest Post author Nancy Parker
Crochet is a great handmade gift for new mothers or just a fun way to be productive and pass the time while you are pregnant. There are so many great patterns for fun baby gifts like balls, blankets, booties hats and more. These can range from easy to make to more complex but they all have one thing in common. They are incredibly cute! Here are some of my favorite patterns for baby:
1.      Baby Ball Crochet Pattern – This adorable ball can be made in any color to suit the gender of the child or the parent’s taste. For example my friend is big on basic colors like black, white and red. For her baby that color combination would be ideal. Another friend of mine prefers pastel shades and yet another prefers gender neutral colors like yellow for her child. Whatever the case is, this soft ball will be a hit with the baby and its parents.
2.      Crochet Baby Converse–Wow, how cute is this? If you know a parent (or are a parent) that loves the classic comfort of Converse shoes then this project is for you. These adorable baby booties look just like their adult counterparts. Best of all they are completely crochet and are soft on baby’s feet! Choose from a range of colors and go wild with this adorable pattern. I love the baby crochet shoelaces.
3.      Crochet Lace Edge Baby Burp Cloth–This simple tutorial helps you to learn the easy and yet fun art of crocheting an edge on another fabric. Add a fun frill to any material with this tutorial. In this particular case it teaches you how to add a bit of color to a baby burp blanket. What a cute way to spruce up something so basic!
4.      Bartlett Car Coat Crochet Pattern–When the weather gets cooler, this adorable coat will come in handy. Sized for toddlers, this loose and comfy coat will end up a family favorite. The addition of flowers makes this coat one that little girls will love, but you can replace them or leave them out for little boys. Dark colors work best for winter, but a bright accent can make the coat come alive!
5.      Crochet Baby Turban Pattern and Tutorial–How cute is a baby in a turban? Very cute! This easy to make hat will make a great handmade baby shower gift for any new mother. The tutorial is easy to follow and makes this hat a snap to create. Sized for a newborn, you can adapt the size for larger children easily. Cute, warm and perfect for any newborn.
6.      Crochet Baby Cocoon–What is warm and cuddly and soft? A baby cocoon! A great way to keep a newborn warm and cozy on a chilly day, a baby cocoon is an easy crochet project for anyone. This pattern and tutorial helps you to make a soft, ribbed cocoon that is the perfect size for little bodies. You can make it longer for older babies, or shorter for newborns.
7.      Crochet Bear Baby Blanket–I love baby blankets with soft and cuddly heads on them. They are so cute and child friendly. This blanket pattern has a bear’s head on it and is easy to make. With super bulky yarn this blanket comes together in a snap for a warm and cuddly child’s blanket that will last a long time.
8.      Mickey or Minnie Mouse Crochet Blanket–Disney is a hit with almost all families and children. Get started early with this adorable baby blanket. Leave the black Mickey head plain for boys or add a cute red bow for girls and turn it into Minnie. Red and white yarn make up the body part of the blanket and it will work either as d├ęcor in a Disney themed room or as a functional and adorable blanket slash stuffed animal for baby.
9.      Hexa-Puff Crochet Baby "Quilt"–Wow, this crocheted quilt looks so soft and fluffy that I want one of my own. With a cushy pattern and soft colors, this baby blanket will be a hit with any mom. Stuffed and puffy, this is an intricate project but one that is worth the effort!
10.  Baby’s ABC'S Afghan Crochet Pattern–If the new mom is a teacher or educator then this pattern is one that will be perfect. The ABC’s are crocheted in this cute and soft white blanket. Perfect for decoration or use, the simple pattern is easy to follow and fun to create.
11.  Crochet Bunny Hat and Booties–This great free crochet pattern has matching baby booties and hat in a great Easter format. Fitting around 12 months, this is a great Easter project or fun gift for a one year old baby girl. Soft and fitting well, this pattern could easily be adapted to bears or dogs for a more year round use. Download the free pattern and check it out!
12.  Crochet Baby Moccasins–These are a great pattern with multiple sizes for different ages. Great for both boys and girls, this cute baby bootie is shaped like a moccasin and can be made in a variety of colors to suit any child. So cute and sweet parents will be asking you to make a pair every time baby grows out of the old one!
13.  Crochet Little Bear Hat–This soft and sweet hat pattern is perfect for little boys and girls alike. Who wouldn’t love to see a little baby with teddy bear ears? Feel free to add eyes and a mouth or leave as is for a cute and unique baby hat. Try dark brown for fall and winter and light brown or gold for spring!
14.  Free Crochet Pattern Mary Jane Skimmer Booties–Who does not love a little girl in Mary Jane’s? These adorable baby booties have a cute flower accent and the pattern comes in a variety of sizes to fit any baby. Leave it plain for a sophisticated look or apply the flower for a light touch of whimsy. You can combine colors or just stick to one depending on your taste.
15.  Baby Work Boot Crochet Pattern – Being a baby is hard work! Proud daddies will be delighted to have their little one don a pair of these soft and adorable work booties. With cute little laces and a distinct look, there is no mistaking that this baby is ready to get dirty!
16.  Piggy Peeps Baby Shoes Crochet Pattern–Peep toe baby booties? No way! Who doesn’t like to see those tiny toes peeking out? This adorable pattern will have little girls wiggling their toes all summer long. Pick bright colors and add a fun patterned ribbon to make this pattern truly one of a kind!
17.  Monster Baby Bootie Crochet Pattern–Grr! For your little monster these baby booties are just the right touch. Furry, fuzzy, and complete with claws, this baby bootie pattern is perfect for little boys and girls who like to pretend they are fierce and ferocious. Make them bigger for older kids and siblings will have to have a pair of their own!
18.  Ladybugs and Leaves Baby Bootie Crochet Pattern–This adorable pattern is great for spring and little girls. The directions are in both English and Spanish and the pictures make it easy to follow the directions. I love that the laces are leaves and the lady bug looks so easy to create with such a dramatic effect.
19.  Little Baby Flip Flops Crochet Pattern–Do not leave baby out of the summer flip flop season! This adorable baby flip flops are soft and comfy with the distinct look of summer. You can add a flower for little girls or leave as is for boys. So cute you just can’t pass it up!
20.  Crochet Baby Button Boots–I love buttons. These cute baby booties are honest to goodness boots and the button accent just clinches the deal. Great for boys and girls alike, the patterns are available in toddler and infant sizes. Add a scalloped fringe for the girls or leave it plain and roughhouse ready for boys. Large wooden buttons make this pattern stand out.
These are just a sampling of the great free and easy crochet patterns that are available for babies and toddlers. There are so many cute things to create that you could spend forever filling the shelves of your friends and family. Try some of these projects for your next baby shower or baby birthday!

Author Bio:
Nancy Parker is a regular contributor to www.enannysource.com and she loves to write about wide range of subjects like health, Parenting, Child Care, Babysitting, nanny background check tips etc. You can reach her @ nancy.parker015 @ gmail.com

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