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Thursday, March 28, 2013

What Should I Crochet?

What should I talk about today???? I have been a bit lazy where crocheting is concerned. But I have been looking at some projects that either need last minute repairs, or need finishing. I have some washers and have meaning to make a "washer necklace" that I once saw over at 6ichthusfish's blog and also over at
And I just love this chain crochet necklace that I saw over at Cut Out & Keep Isn't it too cute??? There's no pattern but looks easy enough to tackle? Just crochet around chain and there is no closure so you can just slip it over your head. This one is 45" long and is quite heavy. I think mine would have to be more lightweight. 


  1. I have seen and loved the washer necklaces and bracelets myself, but just have never gotten round to them yet. I SHOULD break open my embroidery flosses to make some, because cross stitch has just become too difficult for my eyes to even see anymore. I probably should be looking into prescription glasses, but just don't want to yet. The dollar store reading glasses seem to be working fine enough for everything else so far... at least for now. (0; Wishing you and yours a great weekend, and a blessed and very Happy Easter! ((hugs)) ~tina

  2. I know Tina there is so much to do that I know I collect all these patterns and yarn with the intentions to do them all but somewhere the time just does not allow me to finish what I plan. :( I am there with you too I wear readers for everything. And sometimes they do not help either. :( Thank you ~~Debb


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