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Monday, February 16, 2009

Cute Idea for Cupcakes and Knit Designs

Wow what a clever idea:

Friday, February 13, 2009

Rain Rain Go Away..Come Again Another Day

So how many of you remember "Rain Rain Go Away, Come Again Another Day?" I remember my mom saying that all the time, of course growing up in upstate NY made that phrase a popular one, since it rains alot there....ny here in So CA we don't see very much of the rain, although after a day of it and then having it again teh next week for a day...we get tired of it FAST...spoiled by the 362 days a year of sunshine... :)

I went to Tall Mouse today...I sure love that store for getting ideas...they had so many new bags made up and then aprons....yum yum...I got tons of ideas....I just love their material...and being it is Friday the 13th everyone got 13% off today on all your purchases...

I bought some pretty Swarovski Crystals and finally found the crochet cotton I was looking for to finish my napkins...but back to the crystals...they had a sample bag in Japanese material with these crystals dotted all over it as in the trees....it was so pretty.... and then there was a huge bag made from tea towels with pockets like an apron pocket...real clever...but I mostly loved feeling the material and looking through it all....I have tons so got ideas...

It started to rain so I headed back home...ahh to now crochet a little and watch LifeTime channel....relaxing and entertaining....

I just love this pattern..so cute...and who doesn't love kitties?

I also love fish....

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Colds, No Crocheting, Fun Projects!

Has anyone taken Airborne? IT is made of Chinese herbs and all kinds of vitamins to help you stay healthier when flying or working with the little ones....hmmmm...well after 3 days in a cloased classroom with a bunch of runny noses and hacking 2nd graders last week it did not help!

I got the very long nasty cold and came down with it last Friday,.............. so not much has gotten done around here. :( But I am thinking of trying a little crocheting today... :) I did make the magnetic ball I wanted to and I was pleased with how it turned out! I took a photo holding it to show how big it is...fun to play around with...like those office toys for men?

I also got my book back that I had lent to a friend and I critiqued it over on my "Reading site" for the publisher... Now I might make some more projects from it. :)
The material I got from JoAnn's to use on the bottom of my slippers is still sitting as I have not finished any of the slippers I planned on making... :( off doing other things as usual...reminds me I need to go and mail some things and get rested so I can try and work on Friday...


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