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Thursday, July 23, 2009

New Computer Finishing up UFOs and New Projects

Good morning all...I am on my new laptop out on the patio. My desktop got a "trojan virus" yuck! And is in the shop...so we had wanted a new laptop for awhile now and decided to go and get one. We looked online and went to several stores and finally decided on a Toshiba at Best buy. It is perfect for what we wanted to do, which is have availablity to the Internet in the mts, on camping trips and be able to take it around town and use it around the house on the battery. It has a 3 hr battery and seems to be perfect without the HUGE cost that we could of spent for a deluxe one and mine is being fixed, wiped clean, :( ..... we have a 15" screen and a full keyboard, its light and has a lot of power... plus through Best Buy we were able to buy a plug in that is a one time fee and then "pay as you use it" for world wide Internet usage. Its a great deal with Virgin and the fees are low, $20 for something like 20 hours....that way if we ever get somewhere on the road we just pay for using it then and then there is no monthly fees when we don't need it.. :)

I have been working on finishing all projects that I started and have those loose ends left to complete. You know those ones that we hate to do when the project is done but need those ends weaved in or those details like hair, embellishments, or just those last few rows....I am proud to say I have finished several and I feel great.!!

One of my projects is a Ami bee and I used a large washer for weight on the bottom and covered it with colored foam to make it stand. Then I finished my pens by adding a ribbon and some rhinestones, next I finished a beach hat in peach and yellow and green cotton #3 thread...it is from Knit Simple spring/summer magazine project #24, a crochet summer hat, at the top is my visor hat with a flower...they are fun to make..

Of course hubby does not want me to clog this computer up with all my photos so I will not put them into here just yet??? Well maybe just a few.... :)

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Pink Saturday and Harry Potter's

Today over at Beansies Blog is "Pink Saturday" and if your a HP fan you may want to join me by posting your pink socks in honor of Dobby...In Hp series Dobby, the house elf, was very fond and sentimental about socks. After being enslaved by the Malfoys for so long, it was a sock that Harry gave him, that set him free! Dobby loved socks so much, in fact, that he would even buy yarn to knit some of his own! Isn't that wonderful?!

So here are my "pinkies" ... they are pink bootie sockies.... :)


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