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Thursday, April 10, 2008

How to Connect Squares Knit and Crochet

First I have to mention the "ABCs of Knitting" site as it is excellent for knitting ideas and "know hows". http://tata-tatao.to/knit/e-index.html

Second to find all about crochet try "Free Crochet" for all the abbreviation explanations, videos, and free patterns.

I love this site for learning "Crochet 911 & Knit 911"

When joining an afghan there are many ways to choose from depending on the look you are trying to accomplish??? A few options are: sewing with a whip stitch, cross stitch, running stitch, back stitch or other variation, crocheted slip stitch, single crochet, knitted 3-needle bind-off. There are dozens of choices!

The overcast seam, as illustrated in Weave-It manuals, is easy to execute and challenging to make look decent—at least for me. I tend to get either a hard, ugly ridge, or one that’s full of holes. If you choose to use it, take your time in experimenting with seam yarn, which doesn’t have to be the same yarn that you weave with.

The lacy stitch seam is just a variation of an overcast seam, going through fewer loops. I do like this seam for felted items because it’s quick and the seams pretty much disappear in the felting process. (However, I stitch having all pieces in the same orientation, not mirrored as pictured below.)

Weave-It Cross Stitch Seam
If you want your seam to be highly decorative and visible, the cross stitch seam has much to recommend it. Be aware that the method illustrated in Weave-It and Weavette booklets only crosses in the front. My cross stitch seam is crossed on both sides and is completely reversible.

The Bucilla loom manual suggests another sewn seam that is similar to the mattress stitch that knitters often use to join seams. It’s easy, fairly inconspicuous and on small items that don’t equire very strong seams, it’s not bad at all. Try it for items made of laceweight wool or mohair.

A lot of crocheters prefer this favorite seam method. It is the crocheted slip stitch. It’s strong and flexible. (If your weaving yarn is bulky, you might want to choose a lighter weight for the seam.) With a contrast yarn, it’s a decorative design element. With a matching yarn, it’s subtle—only hinting at pieced construction. Mirrored edges are overlapped. With a crochet hook, enter two overlapped loops; pull up a loop of seaming yarn from below; *enter the next two overlapped loops; pull up a new loop and bring it through the loop on the hook. Not too tight. Repeat from * to end of seam. (Check tension often.) This makes a chain stitch on one side, with the appearance of a backstitch on the reverse. Either one can be used as the public side.

A variation of the slip stitch seam is the alternating slip stitch. Definitely choose a light weight yarn for this seam. Pieces should all be oriented in the same direction. Butt the sides together and work slip stitch as above, but only go through one loop at a time, alternating from side-to-side. It makes a highly decorative zigzag chain on the front and a simple zigzag on the back.

Single crochet seams are easy. They make a bold statement when worked on the public side of the project. With sides mirrored, hold pieces with wrong sides together. Single crochet into each set of loops across.

There are several ways to connect squares whether knitting or crochet:
* One way is with single crochet connecting them both at the same time. This way is ok but leaves a ridge if your looking for that effect:

* another way is to sew them together with a slip stitch it is popular way and used by many

* another way is to slip stitch the squares together.

* but the way I love to connect squares together is to sc them. You start with square A and sc and then ch 1 and then sc in square B the 1st st, ch 1, sc in the 2nd st of square A, then ch 1, and sc in the 2nd stitch of square B, and so on around, when you get to the corners I sc in both A dn B in the corner stitch then ch 1 and sc in the next stitch back and forth between square A and square B....like a W. I hope that makes sense...

* This next video shows you how to crochet seems together on a knitted garmet or squares.

* The Crochet Dude has a great method of joining 12" squares.


  1. Great tips and instructions. Now I know where to come if I need some help.

  2. Thanks so much for posting this, I have it bookmarked and I'll be using your instructions to join my knitted squares. Can't start just yet, as I'm really busy with rehearsals for the local annual variety show (end of April) so once that's over, I'll be getting out the yarn and the crochet hooks!

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  7. Anonymous9:45 AM

    I am a beginner. This website is EXTREMELY helpful. Thank you for taking the time to help others, it's a great bonding activity for my daughter and I. I can look up the questions I have and we figure it out together. Thank you!!

  8. Anonymous5:34 AM

    I'm trying to connect russian crochet squares, so they are not perfect squares. How do I connect squares that sag in the middle on each side of the square? Thanks, Cindy

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