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Saturday, June 21, 2008

Daughter got Married!!!!

My daughter got married last weekend on this beautiful boat. It was a wonderful ceremony and a very happy occasion. Her two daughters stood up along with my grandson, This is our family...

Here are the girls... :) and Here is the happy couple. They are off right now in the beautiful Caribbean on their honeymoon....

Friday, June 13, 2008

Recycle and Cut up Those Bags for Some Great Idea and Free Too!!!!! And Other Fun Things!!!!

On my "quest" for more paterns of bags, I ran across a few great sites that offer not only the free patterns for their bags, clutches, and totes, but also tutorials on how to make the recyclable balls. I think "My Recycled Bags" is one of my favs. What a great idea and how easy and best of all no $$$$$$ what more can we ask for??? Check them out now......

Some of my favorite blogs that I enjoy reading and surfing to scrappy happy for some fun and games, some great LV videos and my favorite is Sam's Town....

I thought using yarn and plastic was an excellent idea for dishclothes. I mean aren't we all looking for more dishcloth ideas? I know I am....

How about a denim heart bag made from your old jeans? Try this one for sure and so cute.

These little guys are made from recycled sweaters...Aren't they sooo cute?Over at Kids Crafts they use recycled clothes to make crats. Be sure and check them out for some great summer crafts for the kiddos...

There are tons of links to the "Green" blogs and sites here for everyone's taste!!!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Contests, Links, and More Fun Stuff

DH and I went to the Angels game and they won!!! Yippy...it was a great game against Canada, and they were losing and pulled it out in the 9th inning...fireworks and all we were excited, especially since our friends got us box seats right behind the home plate with waiters and shade...I actually wore red by accident and found out I was wearing the right colors..DH wanted to catch a ball but didn't get a chance this time around...

Who doesn't love Hello Kitty? I made this cute change bag along with my green Kitty change purse the other day... :)

Want to win a $25 gift cert to Amazon? Then be sure to check out Cruzinthegalxie blog for all the details...linux consultingpic programmingrobot kitsvirtual volunteerlinux consulting
Also be sure to go over to Robin's blog to learn about more links to great places...

And what is this? Well none other than a "tree Sweater" of course... :)
These guys are too cute I just love squirrels!!!

The animation didn't come up but these guys were funny all talking..Which face are you?

Thursday, June 05, 2008

New Projects Done

This is my

newest bag I finished with kitty material and it has lots of pockets and the closure is unique as it just is a sash that you flip over the handles to hold together...Very summery... :) It will be available in my store on Etsy and online soon.

Sunday, June 01, 2008

What a Cute Lady Bug Pattern!!

I just found the cutest Lady Bug scarf and beret pattern over on cats-rockin-crochet . I am going to make it for my dearest friend Jayne for a Christmas present...never too early to make those gifts... :) We are ladybug friends and always give each other a little lady bug gift, this will be perfect...


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