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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Anaheim Craft Fair and my Projects

I finished my g-daughter's scarves for Valentine's Day. :) I used tBernat Bamboo. I just love working with this yarn and then I added Bernat Boa in the middle. The pattern is a simple one....I used the stitch combination of sc and dc and then worked long instead of across and then changed colors and added fringe and then tied it with a bow. You just have to weave it on each side to keep it in place. I made them shorter because they are oyunger and I also wanted it to be a little different thatn the normal long scarves...

So went to the Anaheim Convention Center and met Caol Duvall...what a treat!!!!! She is such a nice person. and the "queen" of crafting!!! I used to watch her and was a faithful fan. Sorry when she went off the air and looking forward to her new "online" network that is in the works. http://www.icraftnetwork.com/ it is under construction now but if you email Carol you can become a fan and get alerts when it starts up.  icraftwithcarol@yahoo.com

It was a huge event, with Debbie Stoller  too and craftster and Joann's and Michaels. If you wanted you could make small crafts at individual tables and have more fun. There was a lot of ideas and crafting supplies and the gals and I had a ball......PLUS!!!!! I got to finally meet my online "Flicker" friend Heather....we have been talking on Flickr for over a 1 year and we met up there. I only wish I had taken a photo of us together, but next time I will for sure..:::

We had walked for hours and all our dogs were barking. Here we are holding them up for a group shot, the other two gals had left already.

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