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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Next Project Blooming Flower Pillow

Good Morning bloggers....

I have a favor could you please comment here and tell me what you see with my blog "widths?" After I got my new screen this blog appears really cut up and the main posts seem off center??? Although when I check my layout screen it looks normal??? I am wondering if it is my new screen or if something changed???

Thanks for this.. :)

Ok this is too cute, not crochet but just think with my little "thinking cap" on I am sure I can make this in crochet????

Bags foami
and I love PINK

This is a really pretty PINK of course, afghan made with crochet and fabric....I like this idea
Crochet Heart Hair Tie Free Pattern

These are so simple, Green Dragon Fly shows us,  just go to the $1 store and get some pony tail bands and crochet a little heart on them. See the how to HERE

And she makes this cute dress for a little girl. :) Her tutorials are really easy to follow..see how to HERE
Crochet yoke top free pattern


Oh yes I am going to make the Blooming Flower Pillow that Attic24 made I just love it....


  1. Yes, it appears there should be four columns but the second from the right is totally blank - frustrating for you!

  2. Hmm! I have a larger screen that sometimes displays things different than a traditional size screen. I see the blog just fine... nothing cut off or missing. However there is a 3 inch gap between the right side of the blog post and the right side side bar. I see the background diamond pattern in this gap.Hope this helps.
    Have a Happy Creative Day! T

  3. PS. Checked view on my traditional size screen... same... sorry. =(

  4. oh this is frustrating, thanks for letting me know, now to figure out what happened and how to fix it. There should be only 3 columns...????


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