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Monday, June 06, 2011

World Wide Knit/Crochet in Public Day/Week June 11th-June 19th

World Wide Knitting in Public week is June 11th - June 19th....be sur eto take your needles and head for the park, beach, a bench at the Mall,your favorite restaurant, or anyplace in public and start knitting to spread the word of how wonderful it is!!!

Did you know that it is the largest knitter run event in the world? I sure didn't??? Of course I am a crocheter by heart, but I knit and who says I can't crochet in public this week???

June 11 is actually "World Wide Knit in Public Day!" Knitters and crocheters will get together and practice their craft in public. Personally, I do love any opportunity to flaunt my "stitching hobby" with other people.I go to sit on the grass next to the pier over looking the ocean and beach and as soon as I pull out my project and start crocheting someone will stop and ask me wha tI am making and can they see it. :) Makes me proud to show-off a little.

 Last year me at the beach
But really there are gatherings scheduled around the world – check out the link to see if there is one in your area. If you don’t see a gathering in your area, run a Google search for “World Wide Knit in Public (your city).” Not all of the gatherings officially register with the website.

Sat evening my LYG and I are having a "pajama night" and crocheting all evening while eating popcorn and watching movies and then Sun am we are having a wonderful "breakfast casserole" and some other goodies....after doing our day in public...


Here's 3 ways you can "knit/crochet" in public:

1) Wear something to show your crafter pride! There’s still time to make a small accessory or two before the big day. Make a Crochet Bracelet or a Knit Bracelet they are easy projects to do. Plus, you can wear them no matter how warm or cold it is!

2) Make something really special in public! This Market bag is not difficult and so cute, or this Black Magic Bag, or just Google for a free pattern if you don't already have one. Why not try out a new pattern or yarn for the occasion? You could treat yourself to some special crafting time in a public place and enjoy showing others your skills!
3) Find a group to celebrate with! Groups are forming and events are being planned all over the world. The World Wide Knit in Public Day website has a database of KIP (Knitting In Public) events online. You can check out local events near you, or try planing something on your own! Or just grab a friend and go knit/crochet somewhere.. :)

I can't wait!!!

And Remmeber june 11th is also International Yarn Bombing Day!!!! Whoa....

How are you celebrating the big day? Leave a comment to tell me your plans for this Saturday or during the whole week and what does the World Wide Knit in Public Day mean to you!

one lonely hook...lol

at the park

take along some beach toys...


  1. Thanks so much for visiting my blog. :)

    I am knee deep in afghan mode again...glad to know that you are, too! There is just something about afghans that I love making.

    Not sure what I will do on the world knit day/week. I knit and crochet as well. I'll have to check out a few sites and see what is happening around these parts.

    Wishing you a lovely day. Blessings always. :)

  2. thanks for the visit and chit chat this morn.....I'd love to sit with you at the Ocean and move the hook...sounds perfect....I don't knit....but do move the hook in public..

  3. I've never heard of this...but it should be fun! Thanks for the info! ♥

  4. Almost done with my baby blanket, you'll have to come visit in a few days and I'll have the pictures up.

    I don't plan on doing anything special, I knit in public on a regular basis. I've taken my knitting to restaurants, to work, to the library...etc.

    I am gratified to see more young women knitting and crocheting. One young lady that I worked with makes all kids of crocheted things. Even when I was younger, people thought I wasn an oddity because I crocheted a lot. But, I didn't let it discourage me and then I taught myself to knit. I've always got at least 2-3 projects going at once.

    Happy Knitting!

  5. Hello all and thank you for your comments...it will be a fun day I am sure... :)
    Stitchy Mc Floss I love your name...lol...I can relate on the afghan
    Faith I crochet too and glad to hear you like to show off. :)
    Lavender Dreamer...oh yes it is getting more and more popular
    FoFo...can't wait to see that baby blanket!!!

    Thanks again everyone


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