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Monday, June 27, 2011

Stitch n Chicks Summer Party Fun

I'm still stuck with a fallen sidebar and have not been able to get it back up????? Anyone know how to do this????

Still working on my scrap afghan and haven't done much else, but my stitching group had a really fun "Summer T-shirt" party this past Thursday....we got together at my place, played our usual fun game of "Left, Center, Right" and I added a new game with written questions to chose from called "Truth or Dare" Yup we played it and the gals and I never laughed so hard!!! IT was really hilarious....

Then we ate and chatted and did our raffle.... it was a nice evening and the weather turned out to be pretty warm at least warm enough to sit on the patio with my heater on....remember the one my son got me last Christmas...

a hanging t-shirt

a blonde's t-shirt

a dare wear toilet paper around your head for the remainder of the party...lol

the t-shirt that won for funny

this gal had to sing and act out "I'm a little Teapot" lol

all silver beads with silver stretch thread

the ring

close up

glasses crochet necklace

quilted front hot pad crochet trim my pattern

inside I added a dryer sheet and the back is felt

crocheted around felt and a fabric pinwheel

the pin back

this will be a necklace

one of my horse necklaces

a shower scrubber

this is a glasses holder
I did finish a cool silver ring and a couple other projects shown above and I am working on a few more...


  1. Hi Debb..we need to get each other's addresses for the potholder exchange..that is if you are still wanting to do it. Have a great day.

  2. Hi Vikki oh yes I do you can email me here calcrochetnut@msn.com

  3. Howdy Debb, Thanks for stopping by. I clicked on DaPetLady and then it didn't take me to your blog so I googled it and then went to youtube and watched your pet sitting video, How cute you are. I liked it, you came across very sincere.

    You said you used to be in the Inland Empire? Is that where you taught school? I lived there and taught dance at a private studio and at the Lion's Park recreation center on 16th St. in R. Cucamonga back in the early 80's.

    If any of my customers are needing a petsitter I'll tell 'em about you. Would you travel to the San Gabriel Valley? Hope you have a lovely holiday weekend!

  4. Oh dear, I forgot that I was in my other name...opps...glad that you did locate me and liked my video thank you, I was trying to make myself a little more real to customers. :)

    Yes I taught in the IE and also I have taught in Anaheim. Oh I have a friend who lives out that way... :) Small world.

    Well Gabriel Valley is a bit far, but thanks for the referrals...Hot Hot Hot here!!!


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