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Friday, June 03, 2011

My Newest Projects

GRRRRRR blogger is driving me crazy....all my photos are getting

So my Bed gloves that I made, my bracelet,
and my wach cloth with the scented tassels
and my chicken pot holder that is not
completed, I cannot display as blogger keeps rejecting all my photos.!!!!! Try again

I finally got the photos in....


  1. Hi, I see you stopped by my place..I love that and you left a comment...so I can visit you...thank you. I had no idea Bette Davis Crocheted...very cool...I'll be happy to come back and poke around some more..must get my cuppa to go with...

  2. I feel your pain, after two weeks of not being able to post I can finally post some comments. I didn't know Bette Davis crocheted either. How cool is that! I'll be back to visit!

  3. You, me, and a lot of others too!

  4. I understand your frustration with blogger. I am having some issues as well.

    There's this thing called ActiveX. And sometimes when it's turned on I can see certain things, and then when it's turned off I can't see other things. It makes no sense.

    If I was just a computer wiz..*sigh*

  5. Oh I am so glad you all dropped in to visit me.. :) I too get very frustrated with Blogger ...Yes Bette Davis crocheted.. :) There are several movie greats that do...I found it interesting...Do all come back again.. :) Debb

  6. You have been busy! Love the ring! My Grandmother used to do bead weaving and I have some of her rings~since she's gone I cherish them and wear them whenever I have a chance.

  7. Thank you Fo fo ...can you guess what is in the middle of that ring??? Debb


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