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Monday, May 16, 2011

International Yarn Bombing June 11th

Coming up next month is "International Yarn Bombing" on June 11th where you show off your decorated yarn project's all over town.  As I showed you before my good friend Diane decorated her front tree with this cool knitted project now I am thinking of adding a little to my tree on my lawn ??? Maybe just a little something to add some "pizzazz" to the neighborhood and my house... hmmmmm

Well check out what Julianna Herrara did in Paris to fill in those ugly "potholes" fantastic, although it is an art project and is stretched yarn, not knitted or crocheted, it is still cool I think??? 

And another favorite of mine is over at babukatorium's flicker site! She is a gal of my dreams with all her color bursting projects!!!


  1. Yarn Bombing!! How fun!! I really love the tree photo. Are you enjoying our mild weather before the heat hits us? Have a fantastic week.

  2. Yes it looks like fun but not sure what I want to do??? I am enjoying the weather. This little breeze keeps us cool enough to not roast but the sun makes it warm, perfect. Hope you have a nice holiday weekend ...Debb

  3. I have wanted to yarn bomb the fence at my daugther's school for a while. Wonder, if with help from the girls in 4-H if the school would let us do that? It looks totally cool and so fun!


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