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Thursday, May 05, 2011

Happy Cinco de' Mayo...Sharing Some Patterns

               Cinco De Mayo Comments

 This is too cute and for $4.95 you can buy this crocheted hat and wrape with the Hot Sauce...What a bargain!! Goes with Cinco De Mayo Day!!!

  And another perfect Cinco De Mayo crochet item. FREE pattern...

munro_bag.jpgThis called the "Munro" bag. It reminds me of the "Ripple" afghan. There is a FREE pattern available to download The "Munro" Bag is made from "Roman Sock" and about as simple as crocheting a bag gets. The simple zig-zag pattern and cool color combination make it a quick and easy project to keep for yourself or hook together for a friend in dire need of a bag makeover.

Pear Tawashi  OMG another FREE pattern of this adorable "Pear" dishcloth. Isn't he just the cutest? I love him... would be a great gift to anyone. Especially a hlouse warming gift!!

Step 1And for those of you that love to make Amigurumi Here's a Tutorial that shows you how to embroider a mouth. FREE 

Here's a great site that has FREE patterns with thread.

 Dottie Angel made this beautiful afghan and gives a FREE tutorial on how to join the squares. This is awsome.. The idea of attaching smaller doilys is unique and oh so pretty. :) Cute Cute Cute Hat... I love the style and think of it in RED for a Red Hats hat!!PDF crochet pattern ROMANTIC FLAPPER HEADDRESS Made by "PatternHome's" she has many many beautiful patterns on Etsy for sale PDF format...
Aren't these dresses pretty? Oh I love the festive look!!!

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  1. Hi Deb, thanks for stopping by my place..isn't that nice memories of playing house? Such simple times..I'm glad you stopped again and hope you do again...your blog has so much to look at, keeps me coming back...always something to see. Take the poll about my current post...maybe you will want to participate...? tootles


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