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Saturday, April 21, 2007

How to Make Beaded Stitch Markers

Here are my 1st attempts in making Beaded Stitch Markers. I found it to be pretty simple. Once I got it down. It takes about 2 minutes. It is also pretty cheap to make because it takes very little to make them. I made a few for my Stitch Marker Swap on Swap Bot and now I am making some for me and then for my Swap . So I decided to write down some directions here on how to make them and share some of my hints and problems and also some things I learned.
one thing I learned was that there is actually a difference between crochet and knit stitch markers. The crochet ones usually are on hooks or some type of opened ring so you can attach it to the actual stitch. Where as knit stitch markers are rings that will slide onto your needles.
Plus you can improvize and use a lot of different things for the rings and the hooks depending on your preference. I found that I like the clasps and hooks used on necklaces for the crochet stitch markers and the jump rings and plastic rings for the knitting stitch markers. I also learned that the lesser the beads the better, because otherwise it gets too heavy. And always start with
a small seed type bead for the bottom and then go bigger, and using the 2" head pins were much easier than using the memory wire. But you can make some larger rings with the memory wire if you want to make some simple rings with smaller beads for a universal stitch marker.
Ok on with the directions:
1.pliers with wire cutter [needlenose]
2.memory wire[ ring type]

3. 2"head pins
4. beads smaller and larger ones

5. rings of 7mm, 10mm, 12mm or hooks
6. charms [optional]

1.first thread a small bead onto the head pin
  1. 2.then thread on the larger one and a charm if desired
  2. 3.with pliers bend the head pin 1/8" above bead in a 90' angle

  3. 4. Cut wire 1/2" from pin
  4. 5. wrap wire around pin above bead. 6.crimp wire and push end into top of top bead this prevents snagging of your yarn on the rough ends.

Voila that's it!

You just finished your 1st Beaded Stitch Marker!


  1. Thank you Debb,
    That really cleared up my confusion about being 2 different types of markers..and also that the piece I need is called a "headpin"..now I can buy the right thing..lol guess i'll make some round beaded rings til I get the right pins..your markers are very pretty by the way!! Can't wait for the swap to start, I even have a pattern for a crochet stitch marker holder/case :) Its in the Crochet a day Calender with a date of Thurs. January 11 for those that have it. Made one up this morning in about an hour.
    Thanx again!!

  2. Thanks for your instructions. I'm making my own stitch markers too now and they're very nice!

  3. Anonymous5:50 PM

    If you can't find or don't have any safety pins without a spring in it, stick a button on the pin.. it keeps the yarn from going to the end and getting caught in the spring, it works every time!

  4. Debb, I loved your tutorial about making beaded stitch markers. So I put a link in my last post for everyone to come over here and check it out and to also check out your Etasy store. You might want to come by and read my post about you. You've done a great job.

    Crocheting My Best With My Worsted

  5. Ah-ha all has become clear to me. I have been managing without stitch markers but now I will make some and use them . Thankyou very much
    Louise x

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