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Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Some Surf-Blogging Photos of Fantastic Crochet .....

image 2304748644-0 

ok this is just too funny I had to post it. Now it isn't crochet but I thought you would enjoy it. :) This was listed as "firewood" for free on Craig's List... lol....someone cleaned their yard I guess and wanted someone to come haul it away... lol

I was surf-blogging and found this fantastic studio Sarah Applebaum. Isn't she fantastic? This is really way out there love the color choices...yes its yarn...

Visiting over at My Love For You was how I found out about it...

I love this I saw it over at Coco Rose Textiles and she said it comes from this book. I am definitely going to have to get it!!

Ok when I saw this photo over at Crochet Concupscience I was mesmerized by the beauty of the idea. I mean it is a simple idea to web a crochet thread in a corne, but I just never thought it could look so beautiful.

Isn 't it pretty?

My phat cats
These little kitty's are adorable, I love cats they are called Phat Cats and I found these two over at Charlotte's Amigurumi

Well I hope you have enjoyed my little tour of some interesting and talented crocheters and artists... I am off to work on my own "Scrap Afghan"



  1. I can lose many hours of the day blog surfing, its amazing what you can find. I have the Niki Trench book, it has some lovly easy cute makes, you should get it. xx

  2. Fun projects!! That spiderweb is so creative!

  3. Thank you so much for the pictures.

    It's like you can just pick up a ball of yarn and make anything.

  4. Yes blogging is addicting and I too loved the spider web, yarn is fun anything goes if you have the immagination...thanks for stopping in.. Debb


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