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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

A Crochet Memo

Here is my version of My Crochet Memo.
I plan on adding and changing this "Memo" monthly.
Copy it and take it to your blog and link back to me!
Have fun with this Memo!!!!
  1. What is your favorite pattern/project? Purses is my "fav" at the moment but I am now getting into socks. I love to design purses and try different colors.
  2. What project are you working on now? too many...I always have at least 5 going on at one time, right now its, a purse from Berroco, an ankle socks with Cascade[in the sock Kal], a heart book mark, aponcho with Caron simple Soft, and starting another Towel topper from the crochet a Day calendar patterns.
  3. Who inspired you to start to crochet? My Mom...she was a very cafty person and I loved watching her so she taught me when I was about 9 yrs old.
  4. Are you in a local group? Oh of course I have my own group at Yahoo Groups, called Stitch n' Chicks.
  5. What is your favorite yarn? hmmm ..I love it all, but I love Caron Simple Soft Shadows.
  6. What type of hooks do you use? crystal clear and I just got some beautiful ones from an exchange partner that are ingraved with "Love" "hope" and Peace" oh yeah "Joy" too!
  7. How big is your stash? oh my tons...too much to count...
  8. Where do you keep your stash? I try to keep it upstairs in my sewing area but it is in my guest room and it has taken over there and in my office and livingromm, it would be better to ask "Where is it not??"
  9. What is your favorite color? Purple, Pink and Burgundy
  10. Rate your crochet addiction from 1-10. wellll I would say 12!!! as I am a Crochetoholic!!!! :)

Consider yourself tagged! SO copy and take it over to your blog NOW!


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