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Thursday, December 08, 2011

Christmas Party and Patterns

Crochet Christmas Scarf Pattern
This is a really pretty scarf the FREE pattern is here....

This is a Christmas Tree Purse and the pattern is available over on Hip Chick Crochet on Etsy...too cute...I really like this Santa one... :)
Jolly Santas Suit Purse Crochet Pattern

Picot Angel free crochet patternWhat a cute angel, make it for the tree or your packages....the pattern is FREE and comes in UK and USA instructions... see it here....
We had our annual Christmas Party with my sstitchin group and I was really happy with the gifts I got...this bag below lights up and blinks and was our goodie bag...yeah!!! I get so many compliments on it as I am using it for my Christmas bag over the holidays...
 Here I am looking at one of the gifts I got in the exchange, it is a reindeer hot pad...so cute

this is a towel made into a reindeer

close up of the towel reindeer

close up of the hot pad reindeet

I also got this cute little M&M's jar reindeer

this is a knitted kitten

my goodie bag

this was inside my goodie bag
knitted kitten and teddy

my dancing Santas

I won this apron and goodies in the stocking for
wearing the best Christmas colors.. :)


  1. All very beautiful!

    Please visit your my Blog.http://crochetatbegonvilliev.blogspot.com/

  2. Love the towel reindeer! How darn CUTE is THAT?!!.. Love the little tree purse.. I'd wear it myself on Christmas Day, it's so CUTE! Like the scarf too! Thanks for sharing the links! ~tina

  3. I'm with you Tina, I love that little bag....and I love the towel reindeer, thinking of trying to make one myself, looks pretty simple once I do I will post the directions...
    Crocheted at home I visited you. :)
    thanks all for stopping in


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