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Monday, December 19, 2011

Christmas Gifts Crochet and Shells

I made my g-daughter star fish and then went to the shell
shop and got some real star fish and glued them in the middle
she can hang them up or lay them on her dresser her
room is all done in sea shells and beach look.

this is the orange one

the green one

the blue one

then I went and got her a shell that opens to put the cross
 earrings I made her inside

this is the headband I made not sure who gets this

I added an antique button I had

I made it with Anne Blatt yarn 

this is the cross I added to her headband

the side view

the flower

I also used a light row of ribbon thread

I like this

I was so excited when I found this shell box to put the star fish
doilies in 

all three together

the top of the box with the shell 

I also got everyone a stocking with their initial

I found a cute postcard to add

made these last night
with a few beads

these are the cross earrings they do not
show up as pretty as they really are

the shell opened with earrings inside


  1. You made some really nice things. sandie

  2. yep I read this one too!!

  3. Thank you Sandi....lol...Vikki, thanks for posting. :)

    Are you ready for Christmas? I am finally...just making banana bread tonight. yum

  4. Very cute, you have worked hard!

  5. Beautiful work Vikki! I love the seashell decorations you and your G-Daughter made. What a nice inexpensive way to dress up her room. Please send some Banana Bread my way. Better yet Friday is baking day in my house if you would like to help I could use a hand... mincemeat pie, apple pie, chocolate creme pie, filled cookies, stuffed dates and more! LOL =) I am tired just thinking about it! LOL =) Have a Happy Creative Day My Creative Friend. Merry Christmas!
    Tina =)

  6. Hi Tina lol....of course I am sending it via bloggerland right now so watch for it... lol...I'll hop right over there to your home Friday for help and tasting of some of those delicious baking items you have planned to do..Yummy... Thanks for stopping in...Debb

  7. Hi, I crochet too. Please visit my store and support a fellow starving artist.


  8. Hello Debb! I love what you made and gave your granddaughter for Christmas! The crochet starfish with real starfish in the middle is an awesomely creative idea! I have 2 of those shell boxes that open...love them :D Okay, I'm off to look for your follower box!

    Happy New Year!


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