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Monday, December 12, 2011

Remember this photo of me with my goodie bag gift? I posted a couple posts ago with it. Well I have been using it as my bag since then and since it blinks the gals just love it. Everywhere I go someone asks me about it... I just think it is so cute and so does everyone else thank you Patricia for giving it to me. I love "blinky" things!!

I was over at Crochet Galore's blog and she had been over a friend's house and they made these "kissing balls". I had never heard of them, but after seeing how cute hers turned out I am definitely going to make a few...and with the citrus center I bet it smells great too....so tomorrow I am off to get some greens...
Picture of Christmas kissing ball, completed.
This one is from About.com and the directions on how to make one 


  1. is this a kissing ball? the other day, Gloria @ crochet galore had went to afriends house and they made these...I may try one next year. Thanks for stopping over loooonnng time no talk...Hoping your holidays and warm and blessed...

  2. I just stopped by..I really don't have anything to say. Love the bag though..I saw that post with the orange..neat idea huh? I do read your posts, I should leave comments more often. Have a great day.

  3. Hi gals, yes Gloria at Crochet Galore had posted it I think it is a cool idea... thanks for stopping by and leaving comments...


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