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Friday, December 09, 2011

Good Morning All my Blogging Friends

Hello everyone...I saw a post today over at one of my favorite blogs.. "Simplify" and she had met up with a few of her blogging friends recently and I thought how cool is that... I mena I have pen pals that I am meeting but my bloggin friends and I have known each other quite some time and then I thought about it and started to wonder how many of my blogging regulars live near me? 

So I thought I would ask....I am in the Long beach, California area...where are you? Comment your whereabouts and maybe someday in 2012 we can plan an outing too...


  1. I am here all the way in Evansville IN..I too thought it would be neat to meet up with some of my blogger friends. Someday maybe.

  2. hi Vikki, well guess we can't meet up real soon... I walk but I think that's a bit too far...lol....thanks for commenting on this...

  3. I'm in San Francisco and my bro is in LA so meeting up would certainly be do-able at some point!

  4. Yes indeed it would maybe we can all arrange a time in 2012..when we get a few blogging friends organized... :) we'll see how many gals respond... Debb

  5. Hi! Thanks or your comment on my Christmas stocking. I truly appreciate any feedback. If you ever make it, put up a photo and let me know. Thanks!
    Keep well.

  6. I surely will Ana I really liked it


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