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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Christmas Last Minute Details

I am getting the last bits of my Christmas details done....

Yesterday I finished up my wrapping all my gifts and filling the stockings and mailing out the last of my Christmas cards!

Today I made my Banana Bread and my mom's recipe for her "Magic Cookie Wonder Bars" today...Yum Yum...
grocery items waiting for the big day

wonder bars and banana bread done

several years ago I made a family cookbook for everyone and
this is mine and I love it

these are for my kids to take home

the roasts are all ready to bake

my kitchen Santa watches over my baking
I got him back in the 70s

this is my mom's actual recipe she wrote out for me

 I also got my roast to make for Christmas....

I actually bought two because one was just not big enough....which I figured will work out really good for those that like rare and those that like well done. :)

Now these candies are really good I love Dark Chocolate and the Pretzel M&Ms are fantastic....yummy!!

I still have to put up my village

sorting through my photos


hanging the photos

 a neighbor's gift

my "fav" indulgence

putting family photos on foam bells to hang

 And I wanted to share with you a cute cartoon that I got from my friend "Chatty Crone"

Thank you Chatty

The Coat - I found this cute and thoughtful story over on Sweet Bee Buzzings' blog. It is a warm and truthful meaning of what Christmas is all about. At least how it should be, it is a children's story that shows a young boy giving selflessly to another child in need it is not a new one and has been around awhile, but always worth viewing again.

This is a really pretty "Winter Song"

Thank you Sweet Bee Buzzings for the link    

Sweet Bee Buzzings

The 12 Gifts of Christmas

Gift 1

Gift 2

Gift 3

Gift 4

Gift 5

More tomorrow


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