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Saturday, March 17, 2012

Flower Pot Covers, Blooming Pillow, Water Bottle Covers

                                                                   Happy St Patrick's Day
John Dunham / Messenger-Inquirer via AP

at my LYC meeting last Thursday I had to show off my Blooming Pillow

a close up 

I made a granny square flower pot cover

and another flower pot cover in white

with some beads

a blue ruffle too

for St Patrick's Day

I made a t-shirt flower pin, a short tutorial coming on PBDesigns

Attic24 inspired me to make her tin can covers for my plants

I used my colored tape to tape the edges

decided my African Violets would love their new cover

doesn't it look cute

then I decided to go a step further and cover my water bottles that
I use for my sprouting

so I added a butterfly button 

a little pink ruffle around the top see the water inside

thought about using it for my flower pens???

and added a little red sparkle

it looks so cute

heres what it looks like with out a cover

all snazzed up on my window shelf

now I need to make one for this other one

my smaller one on the shelf with plant in it


  1. Popped in to see your water bottle covers. They sure are cute and make such a difference! I like seeing little bits and bobs of crochet around the house. I like your blooming flower pillow, I thought about making a few in colors for each holiday. Have a good one!

  2. Looks like you have been as busy as usual!!!! Happy Sunday to you!

  3. Oh I agree I love to see crochet around the house too, thank you,

    Busy yes...having "yarn" fun...thanks..hope you all had a happy weekend too..


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