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Friday, March 02, 2012

Club Craft & Crochet & Knit Projects Over the Years

Our T-shirt decorating project 2011
During the last few years my stitching club has worked on several projects and projects together. Sometimes we worked on the projects together and sometimes we did our own and brought it for "Show n' Tell" for a little contest. I thought I would showcase some of our projects from 2007-2011,, This year we have not decided on what we will do but we will at our Spring Fling on the 29th....then the projects will be due again either Oct or Dec...

baby slippers club project 2010

slipper in ornament 2010 club project
club craft project decorate frames 2008

I started my RR club project 2009

Journal from our RR 2009

close up of my scarf 2009

Here it is my finished RR scarf club project 2009-2010

T-shirt craft club project 2011

Birthday hat made for everyone to wear on their "B" day 2007-now

side of our "B" day hat 2007-now

My slipper from 2010

slippers for our slipper project 2010

RR scarf project 2009
Denise and I with our RR scarves on 2009

And our last project for 2011 Was our "Rainbow Skein" project. We got together in Feb 2011 and made our "Rainbow Skeins" then we each made a project and brought it to our Oct Halloween party finished and ready for a little contest.... here is mine...

I made a scarf with a ribbed effect using back loop only stitches

It is one of my favorite scarves

and it is really warm

I used all my yarn

here's the "Rainbow Skein Ball" I started with


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