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Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Snood Finger less Gloves and Turkeys

the turtle

the side view

on me

I tried to get it from the side

too funny check out my eyes I am trying to see it in the mirror to snap the shot

got hubby to snap it from the back
I decided to keep this snood for me and make another for my niece. I added a ribbon and a turtle pin I never wore from my jewelry box. I think it really enhances it. 

I made several finger less gloves and cannot decide which embellishment to use??? The one button the rust colored one is a vintage button, the other is a kitty face, then I have the butterfly one, hmmm decisions. which one do you think looks best???

I like it on

they are warm too

the middle button is vintage

vintage button

another vintage button

too cute kitty

looks pretty on

with the bow

I made this turkey last  year.

I am making Christmas gifts daily, with not a lot of $$$$ this year most of my family & friends will get homemade items..I am picking out things to make just right for each person. The white and black yarn will be my next pair of gloves. This time in wool and fun fur yarn. 


  1. Hi Debb!! I love the hair thingy. I remember them being called a snood? Love the look! I also love the idea of making gifts by hand for the holidays. I sure wish more people did this!!!!
    Have a great rest of the week!!

  2. thanks Chris, I like it too. :) Yeah they are called "snoods" originally from the 40s-50s and women wore them a lot. I love it for when my hair just won't so what I want or I am too lazy to fuss with it. I wish more people made gifts too.. Debb

  3. You are so talented - I'm an American too - and I think you;re cute! sandie

  4. Thank you Chatty.... :)


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