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Monday, November 07, 2011

Snoods, Scarves, and Headbands...

headband scarf
 I made 2 headband scarves and a snood with Bamboo and glitter thread in black, it really complimented the blue. The light blue glitter thread was used for the larger headband scarf, the pink scarf I used beaded glitter pink yarn and Patons Brillant and Vannas Glamour, the glitter black,which has sequins attached on it,  is called "String me Along" thread, very fine but comes in large its around $14.50 a roll but it lasts long since there is over 400 yds on it and works great with other yarn. The Patons Silk Bamboo is excellent to work with and the colors out now are really bright. I didn't use a pattern for the headband scarves, just started at the point and increased each row using a mesh pattern. The snood is the "Perky Snood" pattern.
attached to headband

pointed rear view

I used Paton Silk Bamboo

glitter thread used with Bamboo on snood

worm as a scarf band

pink headband snood

side view used glitter beads thread

front view

rear view

worn as a headband


snood Bamboo

finished snood

glitter thread

Chloee on Halloween
Of course I had to show you all Chloee all dressed in her "witch" costume. :) 

Ta Ta ....Yarn On.................


  1. I am so loving the snood...where can I find a pattern similar to what you made. I would try it without..but I don't do well without patterns. I think a snood would be perfect for my own head..

  2. I love it too thanks Vikki and decided to keep it and make my niece another one. Sure I will get the pattern and send it to you...I am going to post it on the next post with the bow and turtle I added and on me..What do you think???


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